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Dan Feuerriegel Previews "Darker" EJ And New Love Interest on Days of Our Lives

Dan Feuerriegel

Days of Our Lives' Dan Feuerriegel (EJ) is opening up about his character's future. He told Soap Hub about how and why fans can expect the DiMera scion to get "darker."

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When EJ confronts Sami (Alison Sweeney) over her infidelity with Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), he's enraged by her partial truth. She tells him she cheated just one time, a lie that causes a "blow-up," the actor said. From this confrontation emerges a "darker" EJ. 

Feuerriegel dished:

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You’ll definitely see a darker side. The extent of the darkness depends on what you regard as dark and remains to be seen. He definitely is a very hurt soul, and whatever comes out of that is the darkness. Everything coming out of him after that is based on that hurt. So he will be antagonistic in this direction, antagonistic in that direction. He’ll be controlling like this, he’ll be controlling like that. He’ll be trying to do all this sort of stuff. It’s a lot of fun.

Don't expect EJ to be pining away over Sami, though. The Aussie hunk previewed:

He does find comfort in another person…in another girl. It initially starts off as let’s just use this to kind of move on from things. But, over time, it starts to develop. And it’s still ongoing at the moment. I don’t know where they’re taking it. This person brings out honesty in EJ. She can see why he’s doing the things that he’s doing and kind of forces him to be honest about it.

Could EJ reunite with ex-fling Abigail (Marci Miller)? Feuerriegel mused:

You don’t know. [Laughs] Quite possibly. There are a lot of people living in the house. The relationship develops because this person is able to pull EJ out of his bullsh*t, shall we say. That forces him to open up and be honest, and things strengthen from there. But nothing has gone forward all the way yet. They’re still writing it. It could take a complete right turn or a left turn or something.