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Perkie's Observations: How Deep Is Spencer's Connection to Ryan on General Hospital?

General Hospital Recap for August 9, 2021
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today's General Hospital recap: Nikolas is upset to see that Ryan has been communicating with Spencer. Nikolas opens the letter to read it, which appears to be harmless. He gets angry with Harmony, accusing her of terrorizing Ava on Ryan's behalf. Harmony storms off and Alexis points out the letter could have been egging Spencer on.

Nikolas wonders if Spencer is the one doing Ryan's bidding. Alexis doesn't believe Spencer is capable, but Nikolas says nothing has been overtly violent. Alexis tells him to think before accusing Spencer because it will drive him away again. Alexis tells Harmony that Nikolas took the letter with him when he left. Harmony worries what Ryan will do if he finds out a letter is missing.

Scotty checks in with Austin regarding the Quartermaines. He mentions Jimmy Lee was disinherited and Austin will likely not get the shares. Austin tells Scotty about Millow. Scotty wants photos to use as leverage, but Austin doesn't want to do anything dirty.

Austin mentions his father writing letters to Edward over the years, and before Edward passed, his letters mentioned making legal changes. Austin believes there's notification that Edward was going to change his will. Austin needs someone to get into Edward's study to look for the letters and thinks it could be Chase. Scotty says Chase is a good cop. Austin thinks Chase might be in the right frame of mind at this time.

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Willow tells Michael things between them can't go on and says when Chase takes five steps on his own, she'll tell him the truth. The two agree that sleeping together can't happen again and hope Chase can forgive him when the truth comes out.

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After spotting a moment between Millow, Brook Lynn questions Michael about their feelings for each other. She says he can't let Chase build a life on a lie.

Spencer asks Trina about her mother and she says they talked, but that things are still weird between them. Spencer says she needs to let herself be mad at Portia in order to forgive her. Spencer talks about the giant party he'll be throwing. Nikolas shows up, ready to confront Spencer with the letter.

Chase tells Austin that he can't get Millow out of his mind. Austin says his recovery could be hampered by his feelings. Chase wonders how he missed the signs and says he needs to end the marriage. Austin disagrees.

Sam and Shawn meet with Naomi. He tells her he needs to find the real shooter, but Naomi says she's not on good terms with Hayden. Sam thinks Naomi's been in touch with Hayden. She finally admits Hayden reached out to her a year ago looking for money. Naomi says Hayden complained about motherhood and how she didn't want Violet in her life.

Naomi drops a hint when using Hayden's former name. After they leave, Naomi tells a man that she did as he asked and hopes this means their business is done. Later Sam and Shawn figure that she was leaving them a clue and return to Naomi's apartment.

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