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James Patrick Stuart Teases Valentin's "Very Tragic" Discovery on General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart, General Hospital, Daytime Emmys 2021

General Hospital's Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is living large these days as head of ELQ and new dad to Bailey Lois with Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton). While he is aware a challenge to his CEO position is coming, he doesn't know that his newborn isn't really his at all. What's to come for Valentin when he uncovers the truth? Stuart chatted it up with Soap Opera Digest.

He dished:

Playing uninformed is difficult because it’s just such a weak acting choice. That said, obviously in a soap situation, the idea is that the very thing that has been the catalyst for any change in Valentin’s life is his daughter, and the idea that he gets to have another one is just beyond wonderful for him. It’s going to be very tragic when he finds out the truth.

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The Cassadine bad boy has seemingly changed. Stuart noted:

A year-and-a-half ago, Valentin was arrogant and manipulative and he was borderline cruel and he just got taken out at the knees. I just find it so fascinating that he got a hefty dose of humiliation and instead of using that for more fuel to punish, he actually grabbed an opportunity to make a better man of himself. We’re shooting scenes all over the place where he gets the chance to surprise himself by how much he wants to make amends for certain situations. 

But will those amends stick around once Valentin realizes what's going on? Stuart mused:

I did a scene with Josh [Swickard, Chase] like that, which was really fun — Josh and Chad [Duell, Michael] and I can rarely make it through a scene together without dying, falling into fits of laughter and giggling — but Valentin was alone in a room with Chase and he realized he didn’t want to pass on the opportunity to mention that he feels personally responsible for what happened to him [Peter (Wes Ramsey) poisoning him] and he needed to say something. And that’s my boy Valentin growing up a little bit. I’m looking forward to seeing whether that survives the betrayal [laughs]!