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Kimberlin Brown Dishes The Bold and The Beautiful Return And What's Next For Sheila

Kimberlin Brown, The Bold and the Beautiful

Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) is back in Los Angeles and is about to once again wreak havoc on the lives of Forresters and their loved ones. Just when SoCal's elite fashion house family was on the road to happiness in the form of heiress Steffy's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) marriage to sexy Dr. John "Finn" Finnegan (Tanner Novlan), here comes the bombshell that Sheila is really his bio mom! 

What can viewers expect with Sheila's latest appearance and disruption? Brown breaks it all down to TV Insider

Count on Sheila’s presence to cause quite a bit of turmoil in the lives of not only the newlyweds, but also the rest of the Forrester clan. TV Insider chatted with Brown about what brought her back to the show, how this time will be different, and how she’s getting the last laugh on one of Sheila’s greatest rivals.

Sheila won’t be so easily dismissed now that she has blood ties to the Forresters. 

Exactly. And that feels great. There is some great stuff coming up. All Sheila ever wanted to do was to be a part of Eric’s [John McCook] life and be a part of the Forrester dynasty. Clearly, she wasn’t able to do this on her own. Now, she has a grandson [Hayes] that is related to the Forresters. And there’s absolutely nothing that the Forresters can do to change the fact that her blood is running through that baby’s veins.

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Speaking of Eric, does the Forrester patriarch have to worry about Sheila trying to warm his cold bed?

Eric’s single now that he and Quinn [Rena Sofer] have split after finding out about her infidelity. Might Sheila and Eric reconnect? 

With what we’ve shot so far, that would take some work on Sheila’s part. I do believe that Sheila would never do anything to hurt Eric and she never would have cheated on him. They’re both going to be vulnerable, which is when they usually connect with each other. Sheila’s always been there for him. It’s always been the other women in Eric’s life who have prohibited their happiness. I can tell you there’s some explosive stuff coming up. Right now, things are centered on Finn and the family.

Maybe Quinn wasn't such a bad look for Eric. Is there anyone rooting for Sheila?

Does Sheila have any allies right now? Or is she facing an uphill battle? 

Everything we’ve shot so far, Sheila’s definitely on her own. Her biggest ally may be Finn. I can see where he’ll be torn between his family and the woman who gave birth to him, regardless of the stories the Forresters have told him. That would be the case for most people. It’s Sheila on her own — for the moment.

Don't do it, Finn!