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Days of Our Lives Recap: EJ Throws Sami Out on Her Lying, Adulterous Behind

EJ DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Dan Feuerriegel

On today's Days of Our Lives recap: Our long awaited next day in Salem begins with Philip telling Lucas he took the letter from Kristen from the trash can and gave it to Nicole. Lucas is somewhat miffed. Philip goes on to explain he is very sure that Nicole used the letter to get back at Samantha Gene for using Xander to rat her out. Lucas panics and thinks he can stop what Philip has started. Philip tries to talk sense into Lucas by using his words against him. Philip goes on to remind him that if he just stays out of it, Samantha Gene will need comforting when EJ dumps her, and Nicole will be the bad guy.

At Casa DiMera, EJ is opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate his new position at DiMera . . . oh yeah, and also to celebrate his lying, adulterous wife. Samantha Gene does a double take, but EJ tells her to drop the act. He knows she slept with Lucas. Samantha Gene thinks this must be Nicole and she is a liar. EJ says he's not completely sure with whom his trust should lie. Samantha Gene uses a little good old fashioned guilt and reminds EJ how she rescued him and nursed him back to health. EJ is having none of it and wants to know the truth. Samantha Gene crumbles and confesses her sins.

Samantha Gene tries to explain to EJ that sleeping with Lucas meant nothing to her, but she is brutally rebuffed. Shockingly, she keeps going by explaining about the dungeon and Xander trying to kill them. Like all of us, EJ wants to know what in the world that has to do with her and Lucas getting nekkid. She was upset and freaking out and nekkid Lucas was comforting. EJ is clearly not buying this, but is willing to let Samantha Gene hang herself. He asks her if they slept together just the one time. Samantha Gene Brady LIES LIKE A RUG and says, yes!

Samantha Gene continues by weeping and crying and gnashing her teeth (which I hope ends quickly) assuring EJ they can make this marriage work. EJ very calmly pours some champagne and says they could have worked things out if she hadn't LIED LIKE A RUG. Kristen's letter contradicts her story.

EJ gets all dramatic and pulls out the letter. Samantha Gene is clearly surprised and feeling ill as he begins to read the letter which describes Kristen’s knowledge of the first time she slept with Lucas. EJ is really mad, y’all. He is hovering and screaming and acting a justified fool. He is using Samantha Gene’s lies against her (how dare he). EJ believes the greatest lie of all is that Samantha Gene told him that her body and soul belonged to her alone. He asks again about sleeping with Lucas, and she admits to her adulterous misdeeds. 

Samantha Gene explains it happened as she and Lucas bonded over their worry for Allie. This conversation led to her spilling her guts to Lucas about her frustrations with her marriage and how lonely she was. EJ thinks Samantha Gene is blaming everything on him. She says they were having problems, and EJ says he didn’t cheat. Samantha Gene brings up his history with Abigail, but she is again, brutally rebuffed. 

Side Note: Sweeney has her Emmy reel. 

EJ explains how his repeated dalliances with Abigail were not as bad because they weren’t married - they were only engaged. EJ goes on to say that vows like, 'til death do us part, matter. Samantha Gene has the line of the day by calling EJ, Reverend DiMera. EJ goes on to wonder if she and Lucas didn’t get nekkid all over the DiMera mansion. How will he ever believe her again? 

At Chez sadness and sweet revenge, Nicole is reminiscing about the loss of her husband and the necessary comeuppance she hopes is befalling Samantha Gene. Rafe knocking at the door interrupts her monologue. Nicole quickly spills her guts to Rafe about the anniversary party and how it led to the revelation that she cheated. Rafe is skeptical as that doesn't sound like the current iteration of his friend. Nicole assures him it is.

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Rafe tries to tell Nicole that everyone makes mistakes. Before she can tell Rafe just what a huge mistake she made, Lucas comes a-knockin'. She goes outside and Lucas tries to convince Nicole that nothing good can come from showing EJ the letter. Too late. Nicole goes back in and Rafe uses all his perceptive powers to conclude that she slept with Lucas. Oh, Rafe . . . Nicole admits it was Xander.

Across town, Theo, Lani, and Abe await the arrival of Ciara at the chapel. The wedding music begins to play in the noticeably empty house of worship. Allie walks down the aisle followed by a veiled figure being escorted by Shawn Douglas. Theo lifts the veil to reveal Claire - who is just trying to give Ben and Ciara a chance. I'm sure Theo will understand, right?

Shawn Douglas becomes Captain Obvious and tells Claire that kidnapping is bad. Claire protests while Theo grabs his phone and tries to call Ciara. A phone in Allie’s purse rings and she explains that she’s in on it too. Belle thinks they need to do something. Lani speaks up and threatens to arrest the deceitful duo if they don’t fess up. Claire calls on her father’s assistance, but Belle pipes up and says that kidnapping is bad. Claire and Allie go on to explain they are thinking of Theo too. Everything will be okay if they will all just chill and let Ben work his magic. 

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Abe is furious that Allie and Claire participated in these kidnapping shenanigans. Lani threatens again to take them in. The deceitful duo agree they are in this together and keep their mouths shut. 

Theo stays behind with Abe who explains that Ben won’t hurt Ciara. Theo explains that is only half the problem. If Ciara remembers, he will lose her. 

In a scene which very much resembles Dorothy and Stan from the series finale of The Golden Girls, Ciara is traveling in a car that is heading away from the church. Ben is driving and lets her know that she is so not getting married today. Ben wants Ciara to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Ben and Ciara arrive at the cabin. The place looks very different. Ben explains that he rebuilt the cabin himself. 

Side Note: Did anyone else notice Ciara with a slight smile? 

Ben wanted the cabin to look the way it did when they fell in love. He didn’t want her to be scared. Ciara is clearly wavering. Ciara claps back that she’s on to Ben’s game and it’s not going to work. She thinks the cabin is creepy (she’s not wrong). Ciara wonders if Ben brought her to the woods so he could kill her if her memories don’t come flooding back. Ben ignores her hysterics, they seem to flirt a bit, and Ciara agrees to hear him out if Ben agrees to drive her back afterwards. 

Ciara wanders around the cabin and seems to be remembering something. She gets right up on him, looks him deep in the eyes, and tells him to go to hell. Oh yeah, she also pushes him over. I wonder if he may have hurt himself. Ciara starts to leave, but shockingly, Ben has hurt his leg. Ciara thinks he is faking, but he tells her he gives up and she can go. Ciara seems somewhat surprised, but grabs the keys and exits the remodeled cabin. She gets to the car and begins to talk to herself - which I don’t think bodes very well for Theo. 

At the Salem PD, Lani and Shawn Douglas try very hard to get Allie and Claire to confess. They look at each other with knowing smiles and Claire says maybe they should lawyer up. They look at Belle and ask her to represent them. 

We end our day in Salem with Lucas yelling for Samantha Gene at the DiMera mansion. He finds a somewhat exhausted, and probably intoxicated, EJ fingering his wedding ring. He tells Lucas that his mistress is gone. 

At Casa de Sadness and Sweet Revenge, Rafe is comforting Nicole and is wondering why Lucas took Nicole out in the hall. She explains that Samantha Gene has been sleeping with Lucas. Rafe is shocked - which doesn’t take much. Nicole tells him she told EJ everything. Just then, there's yet another knock on the door. Surprise! It’s Samantha Gene! She tells Rafe to go as they both look his direction in a way that leaves little doubt that IT. IS. ON!

Across town. Abe tries to tell Theo that nothing bad has happened quite yet. Lani walks in to check to see if Theo is okay. Nope. He’s not. 

At the remodeled cabin, Ben sits on the floor grasping his leg and basking in his exhaustion. Just then, Ciara returns. Ben looks hopeful. Ciara looks like she has a little love and a little defiance in her eyes. 

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