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Days of Our Lives Recap: The Power of Ben’s Love Leads Ciara to Flashbacks

Days of Our Lives Recap for August 10, 2021
Ben Weston, Days of Our Lives

Robert Scott Wilson

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Gabi sitting at Philip’s desk. She’s looking at something on his tablet. Just then, Philip enters and wonders what the hell she is doing. 

Gabi tries to explain, but Philip seems not to care. He is preoccupied with something else. Philip explains a little bit about what he did to Lucas. Gabi totally understands playing dirty . . . just as she removes the flash drive from Philip’s tablet. 

Gabi and Philip begin recounting her history with Jake and their ill-fated, yet brief romance. 

Side Note: Has anyone else noticed the chemistry between Gabi and Philip? 

Philip tells Gabi he thinks Gabi Chic is a swell company. Gabi thinks her company’s wellness can be partially attributed to a supportive CEO, which opens the door for her to pitch Jake as Titan’s newest employee. Philip doesn’t get it until Gabi mentions that no one would be more motivated to take down the DiMeras than Jake. Philip wonders if Gabi has ulterior motives.

Flashback to Gabi explaining to Jake how she can rattle Philip enough for him to implode. She thinks that would put her in line to be the new CEO.

Gabi assures Philip her motives are pure. Philip tells Gabi he will definitely consider her offer. 

Side Note: RUN, PHILIP, RUN!

At Chez Hernandez, Rafe and Ava are discussing his next place to live. Jake would like to move back into his old place, but Ben is squatting there now. Ava informs him that Ben is wanted for kidnapping, so his old place might very well be available soon. 

Jake proves he is literate by reading the story about Ben out loud. He is proud of Ben, but Ava doesn’t seem to understand. 

Jake explains to Ava what is really going on with Ben and Ciara. Ava is somewhat suspect of Jake’s explanation. Ava seems to have lost interest. She now wonders why Jake isn’t fighting for his job at DiMera. He’s done fighting. Jake wants to do his own thing. 

Ava wonders if Jake is going to work for Titan. Jake explains he might, and then goes into his work history with the Vitali crime family. That’s your name, isn’t it Ava? He hasn’t brought it up before since this is the first time they are actually having a scene alone together. He goes on to wonder if Ava is actually the current head of the crime family. 

Ava confirms she took over the reigns of the family business, but she cut ties. She stopped for her son. (She means Tripp because she certainly wasn’t referencing Charlie.) She’s taking a different direction and even thinking of asking Nicole for a job at Basic Black. For some reason, she decides to call right then. Rather than calling Nicole’s cell, she calls Basic Black. Nicole isn’t at work, and Ava decides to head in that direction. 

At the remodeled cabin, Ciara has returned to find her missing phone. She retrieves Ben’s phone to call an ambulance so she can return to her beloved Theo. Ben reminds her that she loves him. She’s not just going to leave him there. 

Ben struggles to sit up while Ciara yells at him for kidnapping her on her wedding day. Ben corrects her by reminding her it is their anniversary. He’s not going to stop her. She will go just as soon as she wraps his ankle. She doesn’t want him to be in pain. Ben reminds her that she knows this bit of medical knowledge because once upon a time, he did it for her. 

Ciara wants Ben’s tie. He’s afraid she thinks he’s going to strangle her. She doesn’t. She needs it for the splint. She needs more fabric and Ben offers his shirt. She says no. He suggests her garter belt. She lifts up her skirt, preoccupying Ben, and snatches it off her leg. They look at each other lustfully. Ciara tells him he should bite down on something because this is going to hurt… which triggers a memory of Ben wrapping Ciara’s leg many moons ago. 

Ciara successfully wraps Ben’s leg. He appreciates her orthopedic work and her gentle touch. He goes on to try and woo her by reminding her of how their first time in the cabin went. 

Flashback to Ben explaining to Ciara that she has nothing to fear from him. 

Back in present day, Ciara claps back by reminding Ben that he tried to jab her with a needle and continues to harass her. He says he can’t stop. Ciara wants to know more about when he “held her prisoner” before. He explains that she wanted to stay. She felt safe and trusted him. Ciara is SO CLEARLY breaking. 

Flashback: Ben helping Ciara and giving her the weapon so she felt as safe as possible. 

Ben takes notice of the look on Ciara’s face and wonders what she remembered. Ciara gets all Ciara, yells at him, and rises to leave. All of a sudden she is worried about Theo. Ciara is getting SO CHEEKY with Ben as she walks out the door. 

Side Note: These two look like they are having SO much fun. 

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Ben is now looking all pale and tragic as he whispers Ciara’s name. Outside, Ciara is trying to be pissed when she realizes the car won’t start. 

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Across town, Lucas enters the DiMera mansion looking for Samantha Gene. Lucas tells him that the letter Nicole gave him is all lies. EJ ain’t buying what EJ is selling. He proves that point by recounting to Lucas both times they got nekkid. 

EJ pours more booze and tells Lucas to save his breath. He knows just how long Lucas has been lusting over Samantha Gene. Lucas gives as good as he gets by reminding EJ that he once blackmailed Samantha Gene into sex. 

Ej tells Lucas that Samantha Gene is off somewhere licking her wounds. EJ blames Lucas and Lucas blames EJ. Lucas goes on by explaining how Samantha Gene was basically a saint for dealing with him. EJ wants Lucas to get gone. Lucas wants EJ to get gone from Samantha Gene’s life. 

Side Note: I wish he had said “rape”, but he alluded it to it y referring to Allie. 

EJ once again tells Lucas to leave his house. Lucas reminds EJ that the DiMera mansion belongs to Gabi. 

Side Note: Hey GH fans, I would have loved if Lucas had said, “It’s Gabi’s house. Stefan gave it to her.”

EJ threatens Lucas with physical violence. Lucas reminds EJ that his lack of physicality the reason that Samantha Gene strayed. EJ tries to argue, but knows Lucas is telling the truth. 

Meanwhile, Samantha Gene has arrived at Nicole’s place ready to throw down. Samantha Gene comes in all self-righteous about Nicole banging Xander. Rafe reminds her that she is living in a glass house. Nicole and Samantha Gene just start to go at it about their adulterous histories. Nicole thinks she got what she deserved. Samantha Gene answers by going for her throat. Rafe threatens to arrest Samantha Gene. 

Side Note: Sit down, Rafe.

Nicole explains that she wouldn’t have given the letter to EJ if she hadn’t outed her to Eric. Samantha Gene wants to fight Nicole, but she clearly knows she is right. 

Samantha Gene asks how in the world Nicole got the letter. She thinks Nicole was spying on her. Nicole doesn’t think Samantha Gene is that stupid, but she won’t tell her where she got the letter. Rafe butts his unneeded nose in and tells Samantha Gene that Philip gave it to her. This information prompts Samantha Gene to realize that everything is Lucas’s fault. Nicole lets her know that Lucas is currently running all over town trying to save her behind. 

Samantha Gene goes to leave and Nicole says, “give EJ my best”. 

Side Note: When I tell you I squealed! 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Samantha Gene walking into the DiMera mansion where she spots EJ threatening Lucas with a letter opener. 

At Nicole’s place, Rafe is comforting Nicole after her encounter with Samantha Gene. Nicole explained what he just witnessed is basically what she and Samantha Gene do. This time, their battle fell flat. They have both lost their loves. 

Back at the DiMera mansion, Lucas doesn’t think EJ has the stones to kill him. He puts down the knife and says that Harold is packing her things. He wants her GONE. 

Gabi walks into Chez Hernandez to greet Jake with a kiss. She thinks Philip is about to offer him a job. Their plot to take over the world is officially on! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Meanwhile, Rafe is explaining to Nicole that she isn’t alone. She has all kinds of support, including him. Just then, Ava approaches and enters the door that is, of course, open. 

At the remodeled cabin, Ciara busts back in and insists that Ben did something to the car. Ben wonders what he could have possibly done with a bum leg. Ciara wonders if he and the car have a psychic connection. Giggle…

Ben thinks she isn’t supposed to leave the cabin until she remembers their love. 

That’s the end of our day in Salem. What did you think? We want to hear from YOU!

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