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Perkie’s Observations: Sam and Shawn Find Naomi’s Body on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 10, 2021
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Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

On today's General Hospital recap: Sam and Shawn find Naomi dead in her room, so Sam calls Dante. Dante and Finn head to the scene and Sam explains what happened. Police finds signs of a possible suicide, but Finn disagrees because Naomi made plans to visit with Violet. Shawn believes Naomi was murdered.

Sam and Shawn explain to Dante that Naomi seemed to be giving them clues, which is why they returned to the room. Dante figures someone was watching Naomi. Shawn thinks someone doesn't want them to know what happened to Hayden, so they killed Naomi.

Nikolas shows Spencer the letter Ryan wrote to him. Spencer admits he got one letter and returned it without opening it. Nikolas says he believes Ryan was trying to recruit Spencer and wants to know why Spencer never said anything. 

Spencer says he knows that Ryan hasn't been stalking Ava because he's been incapacitated this whole time. Spencer admits he doesn't like Ava, but denies being in league with Ryan, saying he returned the letter when he heard about the cockroach incident. 

Ned calls a family meeting and tells them he spoke with Tracy, who told him that Edward and Jimmy Lee were communicating in the later years. Ned says Tracy started intercepting the letters and wasn't happy that Edward might have changed his will.

Brook Lynn figures they need to prepare for a fight, but Ned's not certain. He says if Tracy tampered with Edward's final wishes, then Jimmy Lee was denied his rightful inheritance. Monica says if Edward never had the chance to make any changes, then they have to go by his original wishes in the last will. Ned says they need to deal with Austin and buy him out with one lump sum. 

Willow starts her day by shadowing the nurses. She gets Liz and Felix on her first day. 

Austin says Millow treated Chase like dirt, but he defends Willow, saying she married him because she thought he was going to die. Austin thinks Chase deserves better and says Willow could have told him the truth at any time since he left the hospital.

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Chase continues to defend Willow, so Austin brings up Michael and how he betrayed Chase. Austin thinks Chase should get payback, which makes Chase question why Austin is interested. Austin admits he's in a financial battle with the Quartermaines. He says there is something in the mansion that could change things in his favor. Chase says Austin needs evidence. Austin says the papers are still in Edward's study and Chase can get them for him. 

Chase accuses Austin of using his anger for his own purposes. Austin thinks they can help each other, but Chase disagrees. Austin tells Chase not to let Michael get away with the company and the woman. 

Chase runs into Willow. He lies and tells her he wasn't able to take any steps and will be in the chair a little longer. 

Finn gets back to the hospital and tells Liz that Naomi is dead. Finn wonders how he'll tell Violet and Liz offers to help. 

Nikolas inspects the envelope. He notices the return date is February 13, 2021 and realizes the letter was returned before Ava received the cockroach, which means Spencer was lying.

Nikolas tells Spencer he has to go out of town for business and he'll have all of Wyndemere to himself.

Spencer tells Trina it's a perfect time to have the party since his dad will be out of town.

Nikolas calls someone to book him a room in Port Charles. He wants to use the party to teach Spencer a lesson he won't forget. 

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