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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Claims He Can ID the Stalker on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 11, 2021
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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

On today's General Hospital recap: Curtis tells Stella she's being released from the hospital and coming to stay with him. Jordan stops by and Stella asks what happened the last time they were together. Jordan mentions signing the divorce papers in front of her. Stella doesn't remember all the details, but feels she's done something bad.

Portia tells Curtis that Trina still isn't talking to her and doesn't know how long she should let it go on. Curtis wonders when Stella will regain her memory, but Portia says there's no way to know.

Stella asks Curtis what she did that made him so angry. Curtis tells her about confronting Portia when Trina overheard them. Curtis says he forgives her, but pushes the issue that his marriage is over. Stella says she accepts it. Portia confides in Jordan about Trina, and Jordan tells her to let Trina come to her and not to push.

Ava tells Trina about her talk with Spencer and how devoted he is to Nikolas. Trina complains about Portia and how she cheated with Curtis. She calls her mother a hypocrite and says she should have been told. Ava disagrees, saying Trina doesn't have the right to know her mother's love life. (And have I mentioned how much I adore Ava?) Ava says Trina needs to show Portia some compassion, as no one's perfect. Ava tells Trina to talk to her mother and put things right.

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Laura and Kevin head to Wyndemere where Kevin and Spencer discuss Ryan. Spencer's not happy with Kevin, but Laura asks for peace, so Spencer shakes Kevin's hand. Laura offers to stay with Spencer while Nikolas is on his business trip. Spencer refuses, wanting to be alone and Nikolas agrees. Laura mentions the stalker, but Nikolas says Spencer isn't the target, so Laura backs off. After Spencer leaves, Nikolas shows them the letter and Kevin agrees to find out what's going on with Ryan.

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Scotty and Liesl hang out by the pool, flirting and making out until Britt interrupts. Scotty offers his sympathies to Britt on her diagnosis. Liesl tells Britt about her conversation with Jason and how he'll be haunted by her.

Spencer invites Britt to his smashing party, though she has no interest in hanging out with teens.

Ava's upset when Nikolas shows up at the gallery. She says it will upset the stalker, but Nikolas says he knows who the stalker is.

Carly comes across Jason hanging out with Donna. Donna calls him daddy. Carly says Donna doesn't remember Sonny and to her, Jason is daddy. He says Donna should call him Jason, since Sonny is her father.

Jason says they're going to call a meeting with the Five Families. He says he's going to get the families to back off and not let anything happen to her kids.

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