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Days of Our Lives Recap: EJ Vows Revenge Just as Sami Gets Snatched!

Days of Our Lives Recap for August 11, 2021
Stefano DiMera, days of Our Lives

Dan Feuerriegel

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with EJ on the phone calling Kristen. He reports to her that he got her letter. EJ spills all of Samantha Gene’s secrets and tells Kristen he has plans for his adulterous wife. EJ wishes he could have been more vicious, but assures Kristen he will make that “cheating slut” pay. EJ thanks Kristen for telling him the truth. He hangs up and spies a piece of Samantha Gene’s jewelry. It is, in fact, the necklace he gave her during their post-coital bliss. 

Side Note: What are the odds EJ is about to get deliciously evil? 

Lucas is telling Samantha Gene that EJ tried to kill him. She thinks maybe she should have let him. Lucas is confused. Samantha Gene lets him know she knows everything about the dreaded letter.

Nicole and Rafe are hanging out on the sofa basking in the warmth of their friendship or whatever is going on between the two of them. Just then, Ava approaches and sees them embracing. She wonders if she is interrupting. 

At Titan, Philip is working on his tablet when he realizes that something is amiss. His device is frozen. Chloe walks in and wonders what’s up, just as Philip’s tablet magically fixes itself. Chloe wants to know if he needs a ride and maybe go to dinner. Philip icily says he’s not hungry. Chloe suggests discussing a merger between Titan and Basic Black so she can use her corporate card. She is brutally rebuffed when Philip suggests she have dinner with Brady. 

The person who froze Philip’s tablet, Gabi, is at Chez Hernandez explaining to Jake how she made some slight alterations to his computer. She attached a key logger to Philip’s computer so it records every keystroke. Jake is impressed and a wee fearful. Jake is starting to believe that maybe Gabi’s plan to take over Titan (and possibly the world) might just gain some traction. To celebrate, their lips gain traction. 

Side Note: I’m sure a key logger is a thing, but I’m very definitely confused how Gabi knows what it is and how to use it. 

Gabi is telling Jake, yet again, about how her plan will work to take over Titan, and her path to CEO. Jake thinks he could also be up for the job. 

Philip goes on to remind Chloe that the last time they were supposed to hang out, she ghosted him. He seems skeptical. Chloe totally didn’t get the text . . . last night.

Side Note: Last night?? 

Chloe isn’t having any of Philip’s lip. He apologizes for accusing her of ghosting him and changes his attitude. He says he is lucky to have her and then she gives him literal lip. He goes on to say that he would have been better off going home to bed rather than getting mixed up in all this letter nonsense. 

Chloe wonders what Philip could possibly be talking about. She then surprises him by saying she knows everything about Samantha Gene possibly sexing up Lucas. Philip swears her to secrecy. Chloe promises, but reminds him that secrets come out in Salem. Philip alludes to speeding up the secret revealing process. Chloe giggles with glee and wants Philip to spill the tea. 

Side Note: Chloe and Philip being all gossipy was kind of adorable. This scene really highlighted their chemistry. 

Philip explains all the sorted details about Nicole and the letter. Chloe thinks Lucas put Philip up to it. He admits he is responsible for everything. Chloe is kind of cool with all of it. She thinks Samantha Gene deserves it.

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Speaking of the letter, Samantha Gene and Lucas are screeching at each other about who’s fault all this mess is. She is furious that he gave the letter to Philip. She thinks he knew exactly what he was doing. Lucas knew that Philip would go straight to Nicole, who would then go to EJ. Lucas basically begs Samantha Gene to believe him. Lucas looks just as angst-ridden as Samantha Gene did when EJ was confronting her. 

Lucas explains he saw her burning something, fished it out of the fire, and read the letter. Lucas wanted to give the letter to EJ, but he didn’t want to hurt her. Lucas’ voice begins to quiver as he becomes desperate to convince Samantha Gene that he didn’t purposely tank her marriage. 

Side Note: Speaking of chemistry . . . these two are gold. LUMI FOREVER!

Lucas and Samantha Gene have calmed down. Lucas tells her that he tried to stop this train wreck. She believes him, but doesn’t think he is sorry about her marriage. Lucas declares his love and says he will always support her. He once again gets weepy when he tries to get Samantha Gene to realize this may be their chance to be together. Samantha Gene tells Lucas this is sort of what she and EJ do. As she is explaining, EJ comes in and wonders why either of them are still in Gabi’s house. Lucas leaves and EJ gives Samantha Gene the necklace. 

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Side Note: LUMI!

At Chez Divorce, Ava tells Nicole she’s been looking for her. Nicole says she is taking a mental health day to recover from the anniversary party from hell. Nicole explains the entire mess with Eric and the anniversary party debacle. 

Side Note: Why wasn’t Ava invited to the anniversary party? Oh yeah, it was at the Brady Pub and she KILLED PAPA SHAWN! 

Ava is furious when she finds out that Xander ratted out Nicole. Poor clueless Rafe is all shocked when he realizes Ava was in on everything. Ava wants to know why Xander would expose her. Nicole thinks it was the money. Ava gets a quick clue that it was Samantha Gene. Ava doesn’t know how folks in Salem do things, but in her neck of the woods, people are loyal “to their own”. 

Nicole gives Ava and Rafe the lowdown on what happened when she gave EJ the letter. Ava thinks Samantha Gene is getting what she deserves. Good for Nicole for sticking it to her! 

Side Note: Ava’s claws are growing back. 

Nicole isn’t feeling as victorious as she should. Eric is long gone and Samantha Gene tried to kill her. Thank goodness for Rafe.

Side Note: And Rafe is so very pretty.

Nicole remembers that Ava is there for some other reason. Ava asks if there might be something for her at Basic Black. Nicole thinks it’s a great idea and she will arrange something. Ava returns to comforting Nicole and invites her to dinner. Just the three of them.

Side Note: Did anyone else notice that Ava is beginning to sound more like a mob boss. To their own?

We begin the end of our day in Salem with Chloe and Philip being all kissy face. Just as they are about to head out, Lucas comes in and needs to talk to Philip. Chloe exits and Lucas goes IN on Philip about screwing up his chances for reconciliation. 

In the DiMera living room, EJ loses patience, drops the necklace on the floor and tells Samantha Gene to consider it payment for services rendered. EJ icily tells her to get out. Samantha Gene reminds EJ that this house belongs to Gabi (Stefan gave it to her.) She’s sure her old pal Gabi will let her stay. EJ says it makes no matter. He shan’t forgive her. Samantha Gene knows EJ love her. She’s going to see Gabi. 

Side Note: Alison Sweeney is doing WORK!

At Chez Hernandez, Gabi can’t seem to comprehend why Jake thinks anyone but her should be CEO of Titan. Jake and Gabi adorably argue about who should be CEO in this parallel universe where that is a thing. 

Back at Titan, Philip is apologizing for what he did. Lucas seems to already have forgiven him. Philip thinks Samantha Gene is a fool for giving up and then walks him out. As they leave, Philip’s computer pops on and a program begins to install.

At Chez Divorce, Nicole is thanking Ava for her offer, but she’s going to hang out at home. Nicole thanks Rafe for being all Rafe. Ava is triggered and has a flashback of an argument she had with Nicole about Rafe. Apparently, Ava was more triggered than I thought as we have a second flashback of Ava trying to tell Rafe that Nicole has caught feelings. 

In the DiMera living room, EJ continues to drink and addresses Stefan’s portrait. He tells his father he knows he’s been made a fool of and will exact revenge on Samantha Gene Brady!

At Chez Hernandez, Samantha Gene is knocking on the door. She calls out for Gabi, but she’s busy getting all CEO with Jake. Just as Samantha Gene calls out for Gabi again, a black gloved hand covers her mouth and she passes out. 

That’s the end of our day in Salem. What did you think? We want to hear from YOU!

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