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Perkie's Observations: Jason and Jax Meet to Discuss His Impending Marriage to Carly on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 12, 2021
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Jason Morgan, General Hospital

Steve Burton

On today's General Hospital recap: Nikolas tells Ava that Spencer is the stalker, but she can't believe it. Then, Nikolas shows her the letter. Nikolas believes Spencer was in town longer than he said he was. Ava doesn't understand why Spencer would do this to Nikolas, but he says Spencer's still upset over him leaving for three years. Nikolas says he'll give Spencer a taste of his own medicine, but Ava disagrees. Ava says he's jeopardizing his relationship with Spencer. Nikolas says Spencer's not a child anymore and his antics aren't cute. He says Spencer needs to be stopped.

Joss interrupts Carly and Jason to tell them she received a message from her father asking if she was okay. Carly says Jax knows about her meeting with Joey and he's concerned about her safety. Jason mentions Cameron was upset as well, but promises he'll deal with the security issue.

Joss thinks Jarly getting married is the best solution to everything. Jason tells Carly he needs to speak with Jax. Carly tells Jason she's scared about how this marriage will change things between them.

Jax complains to Britt about Carly's marriage to Jason actually making Joss less safe than before. He says Carly invites that kind of danger because of her life choices. Britt thinks Jason is the solution and sings his praises. Jax doesn't understand Jason's appeal. Jax says Jason has had plenty of time to get out of this life and has chosen not to. Jax says Jason is responsible for the danger that follows him and isn't a hero.

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Portia's thrilled to see Trina, but she's only at the hospital to see Stella. Stella apologizes to Trina, saying she's embarrassed and ashamed. Trina feels there is nothing to forgive.

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Portia tells Curtis she's afraid she and Trina won't get past this. Portia apologizes to Trina for her past lies and asks for her forgiveness. Trina says it's a lot to process, but promises to discuss it more when she gets home from Spencer's party.

Cameron checks in with Spencer about the party. Spencer lays it on thick that guests will include his European friends, which doesn't sit right with Cameron. Spencer eventually admits the Port Charles kids are actually more his friends than the Europeans. Joss joins them and they discuss the party.

Lenny's released from the hospital and waits for his biopsy results. Phyllis says she wants Lenny to enjoy the time he has left. Nina tells Sonny that she feels blessed for the time they're spending with each other. She says they should spend their time together like it's their last.

Jason shows up to talk to Jax.

Carly talks to herself, saying she can't live in the past and needs to let Sonny go. Conscience Sonny makes an appearance. 

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