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Jess Walton Discloses Her Husband's Passing

Jess Walton

Jess Walton

Thoughts and prayers are with The Young and the RestlessJess Walton (Jill) and her loved ones. The actress revealed on Thursday her husband of 40 years author and founder of The Grief Recovery InstituteJohn James, died from terminal liver cancer.

Walton posted on Instagram three months ago her husband was diagnosed with the illness and discussed how she and her children, Allison and Cole, were taking care of James in Oregon.

Walton stated:

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Three months ago, my sweet husband of 40 years, John, was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. Since that time, with weekly visits from hospice, my daughter Allison, her new husband Wade, our son Cole and I have been caring for John at home. This has been far and away the most painful period of my life, and our children’s. At the same time it has been richly rewarding. Because John James has spent his entire life helping others, And most especially taking care of us, his family. For us to be able to devote ourselves to him in his home with all that entails, and give him love and care and comfort from the people he loves the most, was our honor. In the end, his greatest gift to us and all grievers, is the @griefrecoverymethod, the company he founded, and which his son Cole runs to this day. That gift will guide all of us through the daily heartbreak of living without him.

James is survived by Walton, their children, and grandchildren.