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Katelyn MacMullen Talks Willow-Michael-Chase Drama on General Hospital

Katelyn MacMullen, General Hospital

General Hospital's Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) has fallen for ex-husband Michael (Chad Duell), even though she's married to Chase (Josh Swickard). What's next for the three parties in this love triangle? MacMullen chatted it up with Soap Opera Digest.

Willow talks to Michael and tells him that, once Chase is more mobile, they can tell the cop the truth. MacMullen dished:

I think it’s about ensuring that he’s on the right track with his health and his ability to walk, because if they tell Chase too soon, maybe he’ll just give up on physical therapy and won’t continue on the track he’s on. Willow has done some research and learned that as soon as someone takes five steps, there is the biggest possibility that they will be able to fully regain their ability to walk. It’s a precursor to being fully able to walk again, so that’s what she’s waiting for.

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What is going through the student nurse's mind? She added:

At this juncture, I don’t think that Willow has fully processed just how crazy this all is, what she’s doing. I think she’s kind of still in the thick of it, thinking, ‘Okay, he’ll hate me, but I’ll just take it, I know it’s my fault, and ultimately I believe I’m doing what’s best for him.’ She’s still [going off of] the adrenaline of it. But I think after that juncture, it may start to hit her, what she’s done and the gravity of everything.

Recently, Chase discovered his wife's deceit but hasn't said anything. What will he do with the knowledge? MacMullen mused:

It’s interesting, because he knows the information but nobody knows that he knows. It definitely expands the stakes of the story and it definitely gives Josh a bunch of fun stuff to play with. It makes the problem that much bigger, and when that happens on the show, and something has a ripple effect and affects everyone, it creates more story. It’s more fun that way! I think it keeps you more on the edge of your seat wondering, ‘What will he do?’