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Winston Duke Remembers Soap Operas' Influence on His Childhood (WATCH)

Winston Duke

Actor Winston Duke stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss his latest film, Nine Days. While chatting it up with Stephen Colbert, he opened up about pop culture from his childhood in Tobago. And that contained no shortage of soap operas, noted Trinidad and Tobago Newsday.

Duke said:

The Bold and the BeautifulYoung and the Restless. General Hospital. And everybody was in love with Victor [Eric Braeden]. Remember Victor from Young and the Restless? And every guy wanted to be toxic like Victor.

Santa Barbara was also popular. Fans so loved Cruz (A Martinez) that they started calling skinny jeans "Cruzes" after the character. The Us star remembered:

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Trinidadian culture is very much like a soap opera. Like the way they fight and they're neighbours [sic] and they will come out of their house and they would pull out a machete and they would, like, scrape it on the ground. And they'll be like, 'If you cross this line I will kill you!'

He added:

It's community theatre. It's community theatre. And then two days later you find out that they're just cousins.

Watch the soap chat below.