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Perkie's Observations: Jax Is Alarmed About Josslyn's Safety on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 13, 2021
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Jasper Jacks, General Hospital

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On today's General Hospital recap: Jax says Joss' life is in danger and demands that Jason put a stop to this. Jax says he understands that Jason would give his life for Carly and Joss, but he needs to end things before someone gets hurt.

Jason says he's doing everything he can to minimize the danger for Joss. He claims all of his decisions are to keep Carly and Joss safe. Jax says it's not enough and he's done co-parenting with Carly.

Carly talks to "Conscience Sonny" about her marriage to Jason and how she's worried she'll lose his friendship when she marries him. She says she's also concerned it will mean she needs to let Sonny go. The two talk and Carly says her goodbyes as Sonny disappears.

Jordan tells Sam and Shawn that Naomi's death was not a suicide and was injected with a powerful drug. Jordan says she was injected in the back of her neck. Jordan wonders why Shawn is in the middle of this investigation and tells him to let Sam do the heavy lifting. Jordan says he has to think about TJ, so Shawn finally agrees to back off a little.

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Sonny wants to plan a fishing trip and Nina says she's staying for a while longer. Sonny checks on Lenny only to find out he died. Phyllis asks for a moment alone with Lenny. Sonny talks to Nina about loss and how he can feel it. Nina says they'll help support Phyllis together.

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Jax tells Dante that Jarly are running the organization, which puts Joss in danger. He mentions how Joey approached Joss. Dante says there is only so much he can do. Jax says he'll do what it takes to protect Joss.

Britt admits to Jason she can see how choosing Carly over her has cost him. She says it makes it easier to live with. Jason warns her about Joey, but Britt says no one's come after her. Jason brings up her condition and says he respects her courage.

The teens arrive at Wyndemere for Spencer's party. Joss talks to Trina about Spencer's feelings for her. Joss tries to warn Trina that Spencer can be a bit much because he wasn't given boundaries growing up.

Spencer gets a little uppity and Cameron complains how he's trying too hard. Cameron basically tells him to dial it down a notch.

Someone is watching the teens.

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