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Perkie's Observations: Carly Busts Jax For Trying to Entrap Her on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 16, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Laura asks Liz if she spoke to her father about Naomi's death, but she says she hasn't heard from her father in months. Liz wonders if Hayden knows and worries she'll never see her sister again.

Kevin tells Ava that Ryan can't be the stalker because he's not capable. Ava asks for Kevin's opinion on Spencer and says there are holes in Nikolas' assumptions. Ava worries that Nikolas will lose his son for good. Kevin doesn't believe Spencer to be capable of being the stalker, but admits he's biased. Kevin says Spencer has been overindulged and may not grasp how traumatic this is for Ava.

Laura stops by to talk to Kevin and a random nurse eavesdrops on their conversation. Ava tells them that Nikolas didn't go to Dubai, but stayed behind to teach Spencer a lesson. Laura and Kevin decide to head over to Wyndemere. Someone's watching Ava.

Jax records his conversation with Carly. Jax accuses Carly of putting Joss' life in danger. Jax wants to know how she can work with the Five Families, but she says she and Jason are working together as a united front.

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Carly gets upset with Jax when he throw Morgan in her face. Jax questions why Carly didn't walk away after Sonny died, but she says it would have been more dangerous. Jax wants to know what she's willing to do to protect Joss.

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Jax asks what Carly about her plans to push back on the Novaks. He wonders if everyone supposedly fears her because she blew up one of Cyrus' cargo ships. Carly is confused at Jax's questions. Jax wants more than vague assurances on what she's already done. Carly spots Jax's phone on the counter and realizes that he was recording her.

Dante and Sam spend some time together, bonding over their mutual single parenting. Dante wonders if it's a date, though Sam denies it. Dante brings up the Fourth of July kiss, but she claims she was drunk. The two share another kiss. Sam gets a call from Drew.

Trina and Joss complain to Spencer about his snobby friends. (Who apparently are invisible. Nope, my bad, they're all outside apparently.) Cameron and Joss head off for some time alone. Trina and Spencer discuss Portia until Spencer's head of security, Kostas tells him the launch is missing.

He says both launches are gone and neither pilot is answering. Joss' bodyguard Tony worries that someone might have wanted to strand them here. Tony and Kostas figure out a plan to keep the kids safe.

Spencer gets a call from "Ryan" who says he has his attention and, "It ends tonight." Spencer freaks out, but the other teens, especially Cameron, don't believe him. The lights go out and the "it ends tonight" message lights up on the floor.

The power returns, but the phones aren't working. Spencer says he needs to reboot the system, and he and Trina head out. Trina and Spencer go out to the turret. Someone in a creepy mask and knife shows up behind them. 

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