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Guiding Light Alum Murray Bartlett Nets Critical Acclaim For White Lotus Turn

Murray Bartlett, The White Lotus

Murray Bartlett is netting tens across the board for his latest role. The former Guiding Light actor (ex-Cyrus Foley) is getting rave reviews for starring in HBO's satirical dramedy The White Lotus. 

The series is centered around a fictitious Hawaiian luxury hotel and its eclectic workers and guests. Bartlett portrays Armond, the manager of the resort who is also a recovering and sober drug addict who is five years clean.  Rounding out the cast with Bartlett are Connie BrittonJennifer CoolidgeNatasha Rothwell, Molly Shannon, and Steve Zahn. just to name a few.

In an interview with, Bartlett explained what it was like playing a complex character such as Armond. Bartlett stated:

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To have a character that is so rich and complicated and follows through in such an intense way on some of his impulses, it’s such a dreamy kind of meaty character for an actor. There was so much there, and I felt like I’d met this character before, and I felt like there were aspects of me in this character that I very rarely get to express.

As the show goes deeper into the season, viewers see Armond's battle with his sobriety take a plunge and the hotel manager just spiral out of control. Bartlett explained the show wanted to keep Armond's issues rooted in real life and revealed:

We wanted to keep him grounded in a reality. Some of the moments when he’s just, like, staring at a bottle of pills and that kind of intense moment where there’s not a lot happening character-wise or action-wise, but it’s that very human moment of what do you do when the thing, your challenge, is staring you in the face? [We tried] to keep him anchored so we never felt like this was a character that was disconnected from reality, that it was all anchored in something that felt true.