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Days of Our Lives Recap: Mama Olivia Arrives in Salem Bearing Judgment and Family Secrets

Days of Our Lives Recap for August 16, 2021
Marla Gibbs

Marla Gibbs

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Xander, Gwen, and Jack in Alice Horton’s living room. Xander is taking the heat for Gwen by saying he was the one dealing with Dr. Snyder. Ahhh, sweet Xander. 

Xander continues to cover for Gwen by saying he tricked her into any involvement she might seem to have in the devious works of Dr. Snyder. 

Jack would probably listen more intently to Xander except he has information from Steve that negates his time line. Jack turns to Gwen and confronts her, and she admits the truth, but Jack doesn’t quite get it. He thinks Xander duped Gwen, etc. 

Side Note: As if we couldn’t love Xander more.

IN the remodeled cabin, Ben and Ciara are frolicking in bed when Shawn Douglas and Theo bust in. Shawn Douglas is PACKING just in case.

Ciara assures Theo that everything is okay, but Theo goes AT Ben about taking her against her will. Ciara is now explaining in the sweetest way how this remodeled cabin is important to their history and basically, show how he is going to be the loser in this amnesia’s game of love. Ciara’s memories have returned. Ben you are IN and Theo you are OUT. 

Theo tries to argue his case, but is gently rebuffed by Ciara. She explains that she has her memories back, and is happy. Ciara asks for time alone with Theo. 

Side Note: This ain’t good, Theo. 

Shawn Douglas tries his best to lambaste Ben about his methods for wooing Ciara. He goes on to explain that both Claire and Allie are locked up because of these shenanigans. Ben seems dumbstruck that they stood by him, and insists that none of this is their fault. Shawn Douglas knows, that despite his methods, Ben made the right decision . . . but, Theo. 

Outside, Ciara is explaining to Theo how he made her feel safe, but she feels like she used him. 

Side Note: Feels like? Really?

She goes on to explain that Ben did what he did because they love each other. Theo brings up the whole serial killer thing, but Ciara explains that Ben is better. 

Side Note: Poor, Theo . . . go back to town and get Claire Bear!

Theo thought he could love Ciara enough so her memories didn’t matter. Ciara looks gutted for Theo as she takes his ring off and gives it back to him. 

Theo heads to the car while Ciara heads back into the remodeled cabin. Ciara asks Shawn Douglas to take care of Theo. After checking on Ben’s injured leg, Shawn D makes his exit, leaving Ben and Ciara to get all CIN!!!

At the Brady Pub, Lani is talking to Abe about the fake tips that are probably resulting from Aunt Paulina’s offer of reward. Eli walks in and informs Lani that it’s probably because of Aunt Paulina’s money that Ciara is being saved right now. Lani is SO not willing to give Paulina the benefit of the doubt. Eli and Abe seem to want to let PriceMarts be PriceMarts, but Lani is sticking to her guns. 

Lani explains to Abe that she just wants what’s best for him. Eli backs her up. Abe explains that he is a big boy and can deal with things himself.

Lani, Eli, and Abe get word from the police that everything is cool with Theo, Ben, and Ciara. 

Abe calls Lani to let her know what is going on with Theo. Just then, Theo shows up. 

At her apartment, Paulina is talking to herself about Lani forgiving her someday. A knock at the door proclaims the arrival of Paulina’s mama, Olivia. Paulina welcomes her mother and, in the same breath, apologizes for giving her lip. Olivia explains that Paulina’s assistant, Mary, told her how to get to her room at the Salem Inn. Paulina realizes her situation and invites her mama in. 

Olivia sits down and Paulina serves her some sweet tea. Olivia thanks her and grimaces at the taste of Paulina’s tea. Olivia wants to know what she’s doing in Salem and more to the point what Paulina is NOT going to be doing in Salem. 

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Olivia starts by reminding Paulina about the trouble she has caused in Salem since her arrival. Paulina claps back by reminding Olivia that she is trying to make up for her mistakes. Olivia tells her that the real issue is what she is doing with her sister’s man, Abe. 

Paulina doesn’t understand because this was decades ago. Olivia tells her that nothing else matters besides her moving on back home. 

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We begin the end of our day in Salem with Eli and Lani recounting Theo’s very sad state. Lani hopes their twins will never have to deal with this type of drama. 

Side Note: Lani should move them out of Salem, pronto. 

Lani goes on to tell Eli stories of her inconsistent Aunt Paulina. Eli is so supportive as he kisses her and offers her a strong shoulder. 

In Paulina’s room, she is arguing with Olivia about secrets “we” are not yet privy to. They are arguing about Tammy and how she was absent from the christening . . . what???

In the Horton living room, Gwen doesn’t get why Xander would stand up for her like that. Xander explains it is better for him to lose a friend than her to lose a father. Gwen thinks he did it for her. Xander thinks Jack is a really good guy and doesn’t deserve any of this. 

Gwen flashbacks on another reason that Xander is just delightful when Jack walks in with a cup-o-tea. Jack is fretting about Xander, but Gwen can’t let him be totally thrown under the bus. Gwen tries to get Jack to understand that sometimes folks do things for certain reasons. Jack doesn’t catch the hint and continues being self-righteous. 

Outside the Brady Pub, Abe is doing his best to comfort Theo about this Ciara mess. Theo thinks he did all of this to himself. 

Abe tries to teach Theo a lesson about time healing all wounds by telling him about what happened when Lexie died. 

Side Note: I swear to all the soap gods, I would forgive any retcon necessary to bring Lexie back on my screen. 

Side Note #2: Thank you for coming back, Cameron Johnson. Well played, sir. 

At the remodeled cabin, Ben and Ciara are cuddling and rationalizing all of their actions . . . they discuss all the hell they’ve been through and you can just feel all the Ben and Ciara -ness that is coming . . . just then, a musical interlude begins. 

Side Note: “Love making” will ensue in 5, 4, 3, . . .

Side Note #2: Button ripping, abdominal kissing, back licking . . . not ya mama’s love making. Well done. 

We return from commercials with candles lit and afterglow basking. 

Side Note: Fire might not be the greatest idea in this cabin.

Back in Horton Square, Xander runs into Shawn Douglas, who once again place him in cuffs. 

Side Note: Stop teasing us, Shawn D.

Back in Paulina’s room, she and Olivia are going toe to toe. Olivia argues that Paulina hasn’t kept her word to Tammy about her daughter, Lani. Paulina counters by saying that Olivia knows that Lani is not Tammy’s daughter. SHE IS PAULINA’S DAUGHTER! 

That’s it! What did you think of Salem’s return? We want to hear from YOU!

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