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Perkie's Observations: Drew Reaches Out to Sam for Help on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 17, 2021
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Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly demands to know why Jax recorded her. He says he's trying to protect Joss from the danger that Carly's put her in. Carly wants to know what he was planning on doing with the recording. Jax swears he wasn't going to have her arrested, but he needs to save Joss.

Jax asks what choice she would make between the business and Joss. Carly says everything she's done since Sonny's death has been for her family. Carly says it's too late to get out of the business, but Jax disagrees and believes she's happy with the way things are. Carly says he crossed a line and he's broken whatever they had.

On the phone, Drew says he needs Sam's help and that "they're coming," but then the call gets cut off. Sam tells Dante, who says he'll have the techs trace the call. The two discuss it and Sam is certain it can't be Drew even though it sounded like him. She wonders if Peter is responsible. Dante thinks whoever it was wanted to distract and upset her. Sam wonders if it could have been Drew after all and he didn't die in the plane crash.

Brando and Sasha have an ultrasound appointment with Dr. Navarro and are happy. (Which in the soap opera world means one of them will die or be maimed tomorrow. Strange to have these two plunked into this episode which had 3 clear cut stories already working.)

Tony checks in with Cameron and Joss, and tells them the launches are back up and running. Cameron realizes the people inside the house are the target, especially Spencer. Laura and Kevin show up and demand to know what happened. Cameron turns off the light and shows them the message. Joss tells them that Spencer got a call from "Ryan".

Trina's worried, but Spencer reassures her no one will ruin this night for her. Trina heads back to find Joss, while Spencer rechecks the wifi. The man with the mask grabs Spencer and fake stabs him before running off. Trina returns and both are confused as to what's happening.

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The two head downstairs and tell Laura they believe Ryan pretended to stab him. Laura says Ryan hasn't escaped and doesn't believe this is him. Nikolas reveals himself to them and says Spencer needed to be taught a lesson.

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Laura and Kevin chastise Nikolas for terrorizing the teens. Nikolas says he wanted Spencer to feel as helpless as Ava did when he stalked her. Nikolas says he has proof. Trina says she knows Spencer doesn't like Ava, but also can't believe he would do this.

Spencer says the only thing he's guilty of is throwing a party. Nikolas wants him to own up to what he's done and to make his mother proud. Spencer looks like he might own up to the gallery mess, but backs off.

Nurse Eavesdropper listens to Portia and Ava's conversation. Portia thanks Ava for talking to Trina. Ava brings up Kiki and how she died before Ava could make amends. She wants to make sure no one else makes the same mistakes she did. Portia apologizes for her first impression of Ava and is grateful to have her in Trina's life.

Ava gets to the parking garage and finds her car on fire. When firefighters show up, they tell her the fire was deliberately set. Ava calls Nikolas and tells him the fire was set while Spencer was at Wyndemere.

Portia checks in with Ava, who is still shaken up. Ava says the firefighters found Kiki's hospital badge by the car. She adds that her badge was buried with her. Nurse Eavesdropper hangs around with a grin on her face.

Jason shows up and Carly tells him that Jax tried to incriminate her. Jason questions what Carly may have accidentally said, but she doesn't remember. Jason calls Spinelli to hack into Jax's phone to wipe it clean.

Carly gets a call from Tony to pick up Joss at Wyndemere (why couldn't Tony just bring her home?). Carly leaves the meeting of the Five Families in Jason's capable hands.

Drew (now with Cameron Mathison's face) is caught making the phone call and locked up.

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