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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Carter and Quinn Admit Their Love For One Another Then Say Goodbye

Carter Walton, Quinn Fuller, The Bold and the Beautiful

Lawrence Saint-Victor, Rena Sofer

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: Quinn and Carter are hanging out on his sofa all distressed because Eric doesn’t want a divorce. He wants them to be reunited - but clearly for Quinn it doesn’t feel so good. Quinn and Carter are devastated because Eric wants her back. 

Side Note: If Eric wanting to get back with Quinn is causing this much stress, just say no. 

Carter wants to know how Quinn feels. She should be thrilled, but clearly “thrilled” doesn’t suit her current mood. Quinn rises, touches Carter’s arm, and looks longingly into his eyes. Quinn wonders what they should do and Carter thinks it’s all on her. 

Quinn is talking about Eric like he is a love that once was rather than her future. Carter thinks Eric is a remarkable man. Quinn shifts back to Carter and discusses how much he was there for her and how they gave themselves to each other - body and soul.

Side Note: I’m going to say it was a little more body than soul, but that’s me.

Quinn doesn’t know if she can go back. It might not be what she wants. Carter and Quinn look deeply into each other’s eyes as Quinn says she doesn’t think she can leave him. Carter thinks she knows what she needs to do. Just then, a very weird ringtone announces that Eric is summoning Carter. Eric asks if he is interrupting and then goes into what he needs before Carter can answer. Eric wants Quinn’s portrait and he wants his wife back. Carter says that Quinn’s portrait is in storage and he will fetch it for Eric right away. 

Side Note: Does anyone else think Eric suddenly wanting Quinn back is a little odd? I can buy it if he is purposely torturing them because he knows they are still together. Eric’s reinvigorated love for Quinn is a harder sell.

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) Recap: Quinn Tells Carter That Eric Wants Her Back

Carter and Quinn reaffirm their connection, but Carter is being selfless. He thinks Quinn should go back to Eric because of the life he can give her. They can enjoy their few weeks together and live with their memories. He wants her to be happy. Quinn is beside herself as she says that Carter makes her happy. Carter thinks that what she and Eric have been through will make their marriage even stronger. Quinn admits that she loves Eric and then they admit they love each other. 

At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Ridge are actually working on designs. Their model decides to comment on their conversation by commenting on how hot Finn is. Ridge quickly shuts her down and sends her on her way. Steffy and Ridge continue the conversation saying that everything would be coming up roses and unicorns were it not for that pesky Sheila Carter. 

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Steffy and Ridge hope that Carter has gotten the restraining order since things like walls and gates can’t really control Sheila Carter. 

Side Note: Carter may have possession of restraints, but not a restraining order.

Steffy tries to convince Ridge that Finn will respect her wishes and have no more contact with Sheila.

Side Note: Does anyone else think that despite Sheila’s history with the Forresters, it is slightly insensitive of Steffy for her to just demand Finn never see his birth mother again? 

At Bill’s former beach house, Finn and Paris are freaked out when there is a knock at the door. Finn answers the door to greet Zende. He wonders why they are so freaked out. Zende and Finn are bonding over their amazing adopted parents. Paris tells Zende she thinks she should stay with Finn since stuff is going all sorts of wrong. 

Finn tells Zende and Paris to go on their merry way, but Paris and Zende agree she needs to be with Finn right now. 

Side Note: Umm, Zende . . . wanna rethink that one? 

Finn does have one request of Paris. He doesn’t want her to tell Steffy about Sheila reaching out to him. Paris gives Finn an understanding smile and seemingly agrees.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric has poured a martini and is reviewing his previous conversation with Quinn. 

Will Paris keep Finn’s secret? Will Carter and Quinn enjoy one last nekkid embrace before she returns to Eric? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video and sound off in the comments below!

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