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Cameron Mathison Discusses Slipping Into The Role of General Hospital's Drew Cain

Cameron Mathison

The wait is over; fans finally got to see Cameron Mathison return to daytime on Tuesday and take over the role of Drew Cain on General Hospital. In a recent interview with TV Insider, Mathison discussed taking over the role of the presumed-dead Quartermaine heir from his former All My Children co-star Billy Miller and explained how excited he was to play the character and mix it up with his twin brother Jason, played by Steve Burton.

Mathison stated:

I love how much Drew is interwoven obviously in the canvas and the storyline. I love the nature of him, the essence of him, that adventurous side, that risk taker who does a lot of good. Then, you know, sometimes some things for, like, twisted reasons, and I love that conflict to the character, and I love who gets to play with obviously, twin brother Steve Burton, which is very exciting. So I don't really know where we're going. I know how I'm coming into the canvas, and it's going to be very, very exciting for a lot of people. I think that what this character back and I'm just, you know, respectfully, going to hopefully do it justice.  

Mathison also revealed how he researched the character by watching clips of Miller, who exited the role in 2019, via YouTube and explained how he respected what his predecessor did but wanted to make the role his own.

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According to Mathison:

I love Billy. We worked together on All My Children for years and obviously, he did great things on The Young and the Restless as well, and I feel like he's did such a nice job with Drew and I felt like at the same time felt like there was a lot left there for me to kind of create as my own.

He added that:

I did a lot more of the research of the character as far as how he fits into the canvas, how he was first introduced, and some of the evolution of the family. Obviously, romance, having a child, I do sort of more of that kind of research the background in the military. Things that just kind of get me really jazzed up, so bringing a lot of those aspects and the essence of that, and the fact that he's a dad and being a dad myself and having my kids be kind of everything in the world to me, I really feel like that's a driving force for Drew and you'll see that that kind of comes up a little bit, certainly in the early stages.

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