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Days of Our Lives Recap: Lani Grants Forgiveness But Insists on Honesty From Her Aunt Paulina

Days of Our Lives Recap for August 17, 2021
Palina Price, Olivia Price, Lani Price, Days of Our Lives

Jackée Harry, Marla Gibbs, Sal Stowers

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Gabi outside Chez Hernandez talking to Jake on the phone. He is over at Titan about to blow Philip away with his interviewing skills. 

At the DiMera mansion, EJ is setting fire to a letter and putting it in the fireplace. Hasn’t anyone learned about that burning things in that fireplace brings nothing but heartache and despair?

Speaking of heartache and despair, Nicole is sitting in bed, fingering her wedding ring, and saying goodbye to Eric. 

Side Note: Dear Nicole, for the love of Misty Circle, PLEASE let go of Eric so you can grow back your claws and once again wreak havoc in Salem. 

At the Grant/Price abode, Eli is listening to Lani go on about her problems with Aunt Paulina. Meanwhile, down the hall (or across town, I’m not sure), Olivia is reminding Paulina that she promised to stay away from Tammy and Lani. Paulina reminds her that Lani is actually her daughter. Olivia wants Paulina to shut her mouth before secrets spill further than this room. 

Lani has fielded a call from Theo. She is comforting him and reminding him to keep the faith. She updates Eli and gets right back to going in on her problematic Aunt Paulina. Eli thinks she should offer forgiveness, but Lani just doesn’t get it. 

Paulina and Olivia are recounting the day Lani was born. All the labor, all the trouble (all the retcons), but it all produced Lani - whom she promptly gave to Tammy. Apparently, Paulina was mixed up with Ray, who was possessive and violent. They all kept the pregnancy from Ray and hid the family secret. It was Mama Olivia who told Paulina to give Lani to Tammy. 

Side Note: In all honesty, I don’t really care about this retcon. Family secrets work on soaps and a family of color is front and center. 

Side Note #2: We don’t know for a fact that Ray is Lani’s father. It seems to be an assumption at this point, which means her daddy could be anyone who wasn’t shooting blanks in the early ‘90’s. 

Back at the mansion, Chad walks in with news that he and Kate are back from NYC with all the contracts signed, sealed, and delivered. Chad suggests a celebration, but wonders if EJ and Samantha Gene are too busy acting like honeymooners. Oh Chad . . . EJ, as is becoming his pattern, calls her an awful name (“backstabbing bitch”) and leaves Chad looking dumbstruck. 

Side Note: To be fair, Chad often looks dumbstruck. 

Chad tries to go toe to toe with EJ - which is adorable. Eventually, they start to discuss the state of their marriages. Chad thinks their marriages are worth fighting for. EJ pretends that he doesn’t care . . . he totally cares and apologizes to Chad for taking it out on him. 

EJ comes back to his senses and says he wants to follow in the footsteps of their father. Chad reminds him that Stefano was obsessed with Marlena for decades. EJ agrees, but says that he never let the business falter.

Side Note: I don’t exactly remember Stefano being obsessed with a never-mentioned DiMera Enterprises, but I’ll allow it. 

As EJ begins to have another discussion with Stefano’s portrait, Allie walks in pushing a stroller full of Henry. 

At Chez Hernandez, Gabi finds Samantha Gene’s necklace and wonders if it is some stolen piece of property that Ava acquired. She assures Gabi that it isn’t hers. Gabi, who can’t leave it alone, wonders if it belongs to some other girlfriend of Rafe’s. Meanwhile, Rafe is very busy talking teddy bears, abandoned children, and heartache at Nicole’s House of Perpetual Woe. 

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Ava tells Gabi that Rafe doesn’t have a side piece. However, she is probably familiar with side pieces seeing as Jake has a penchant for them. Gabi denies Jake has side pieces. Ava counters by reminding Gabi that she has been a side piece and maybe Jake is tired of being sloppy. What if Jake is sneaking around with Kate? Gabi thinks Jake is done visiting the “old folks’ home.”

Side Note: Ava vs. Gabi is the banter-fueled rivalry I didn’t know I needed. 

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At the Salem PD, Lucas is telling Allie about the big mess fueled by betrayal, adultery, and wrecked marriages. Allie is stuck on the part about her parents, except the part about them having sex, because ew. During this conversation, Lucas gets a text that Allie has been released. She darts out to go fetch Henry. 

Olivia and Paulina continue to go back and forth about all the things she missed out on by being an aunt and not a mother. To recap (in the recap), Lani mentions she is pissed that when she was younger, her Aunt Paulina backed out of a trip to Paris without explanation. Meanwhile, Paulina is recounting being mad at Olivia for forcing her to back out of the same trip. Worlds collide when Lani shows up to see Auntie P and is surprised to see her Big Mama!

The ending of our day in Salem begins with Rafe coaxing Nicole out of bed to take steps towards recovery. She exits the room and Rafe begins talking to that damned bear. Fortunately, he is saved from this ridiculousness by Ava calling about her culinary exploits. She is less than thrilled when she realizes he is cooped up with Nicole. 

Lani wants to know what Big Mama Olivia is doing in Salem - considering she was too sick to be at the wedding and the christening. Olivia came to see Paulina, as did Lani. She wants to forgive her Auntie P for everything - all the disappointment her entire life. Lani just wants one thing - never lie to her again. 

Side Note: That look Olivia is shooting Paulina when Lani makes her promise not to lie . . . I would recommend not crossing Big Mama Olivia. 

Everything seems all good as Lani has forgiven Paulina, while Olivia has promised Lani for Paulina that she will never lie again. Paulina brings everything to a halt by saying she is going to tell the whole truth. 

Back at the mansion, Allie tells EJ she thinks her mom will fight for their marriage. By the way, where is her mom? EJ says she went to Gabi’s to ask about staying at the mansion, but hasn’t returned. Allie thinks all of this sounds weird and wonders where in the world is Samantha Gene Brady?

At Chez Hernandez, Ava is none too thrilled with Rafe and throws out the food she spent all day making. 

Side Note: I’m not sure Rafe is worth throwing out homemade manicotti. 

Gabi comes back in to torture a bit more about Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole has crawled back into the bed of sadness and woe to eat Rafe’s world famous, boxed mac and cheese. 

Side Note: I swear before all that is holy if they feed that damned bear.

Allie shows up at Chez Hernandez to ask Gabi if she has seen Samantha Gene.

Back at the mansion, EJ takes a sip from his drink as the hidden wall to the tunnels suddenly opens. 

That’s the end of our day in Salem. What did you think? We want to hear from YOU!

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