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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Faces The Wrath For His Actions on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 18, 2021
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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

On today's General Hospital recap: Spencer accuses Nikolas of being cruel and feels he shouldn't have come home. Laura says the car fire couldn't have been Spencer and Nikolas was wrong for what he did. Spencer says Nikolas will always choose Ava over him. Nikolas admits he pushed too hard, but he loves Spencer. Spencer storms off, so Trina goes after him. Laura chastises Nikolas and believes Spencer's innocent.

Carly arrives to pick up Joss, who tells her what happened at the party. Carly storms into the house to tear a strip off of Nikolas. Nikolas is not having it and says he's not taking parenting advice from Carly. (Hell yeah!!) Carly bitches him out some more before walking out with Joss.

Trina talks to Spencer, and even though she knows how much he hates Ava, she believes he's not capable of being the stalker. Spencer asks if she would be able to forgive him if he had been the one responsible. He says he doesn't think he can forgive Nikolas for this. The two share a close moment.

Laura tears another strip off of Nikolas, who says he wanted to give Spencer a taste of his own medicine for stalking Ava. Laura accuses Nikolas of behaving like a Cassadine. She says he needs to learn how to tame his dark impulses and set a good example for Spencer.

Joss isn't ready to leave, but Carly is insistent that she needs to get back to the mainland. Joss wonders what's going on with her mother. Carly claims Joss is her top priority.

Sam tells Curtis about the phone call from Drew. Curtis brings up the plane crash, but Sam says if anyone could have survived a crash, it would have been Navy Seal Drew. Sam says she owes it to her kids to find out if it was really him. Curtis wonders where Drew's been and why it took so long to make contact. He thinks maybe Drew has been held captive this whole time and was trying to escape. Sam says the more she thinks about it, she feels it was Drew on the phone.

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Drew argues with his guard, then tries to get information on who's been keeping him captive for two years. Alone, Drew talks to himself, begging Sam to come looking for him and remembering the night Scout was born.

The guard returns to let Drew know the boss isn't happy with the call to Sam, and he have could put her in danger. Drew figures whoever the boss is, they want him alive. Drew jumps the guard and the two fight. Drew manages to get a pen off of the guard to use on his handcuffs.

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Liesl joins Jax for a drink and wonders why he's in such a mood. Jax complains about co-parenting and how Carly's actions could put Joss at risk. Jax mentions trying to get information out of Carly. Liesl says next time come to her for help.

Jason joins the Five Families at the meeting and tells them he's speaking on behalf of the organization. Mrs. Wu finds that unacceptable and questions where Carly is. Jason tells them about Joey being a nuisance. Two of the heads want to leave, but Jason says there will be consequences.

Mrs. Wu says there's confusion over who's in charge of the Corinthos family and he needs to eliminate Carly. Jason says Carly can be trusted with any information she's gotten as the temporary head. Mrs. Wu is worried that Carly will go to the Feds and warns Jason there will be consequences.

Jason says Carly would never turn on them, but Mrs. Wu points out that they aren't married yet. She says Carly can't testify once they're married so she's a liability until then. Carly gets to the meeting as all of the Families members are leaving. 

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