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Jen Lilley Calls New Hallmark Film A Little Daytime Drama a "Homage to Soaps"

Jen Lilley, Ryan Paevey

Soap operas and Hallmark have had a long and productive relationship, one that will yield more fruit this week. On Aug. 21 at 9 PM EST, the romantic flick A Little Daytime Drama, centering on true love on set of a soap, will debut on the network. Lilley spoke to Monsters and Critics about the sudsy flick.

Jen Lilley, Ryan Paevey

The cast is chock-full of soap alums. Days of Our Lives' Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa) plays Maggie, head writer of the daytime drama Forever is a Long, Long Time. When the show is under threat of cancellation, Maggie must turn to star actor (and her ex!) Darin, played by Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan, General Hospital), back to the show. Another World legend Linda Dano (ex-Felicia) also stars as show creator Alice, who wants to pass the torch to Maggie.

Lilley channeled her real-life experience for her reel-world character, saying:

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Everyone on a soap is very much like one big family. Soap operas have been around for 50 plus years, and so the same crew working day in and day out for decades at a time. And that’s why the stakes are so high to get Ryan Paevey’s character Darrin to come back to the show.

Linda Dano Jen Lilley

Soap fans and Hallmark viewers are both passionate about the stories they love. She mused of daytime dramas:

Soaps have been such a nostalgic experience for generations. If your grandmother, mom, sister, or friend watches soap operas, you know that you do not talk to them when they are on; there’s no disturbing them.

The actress encouraged sudser fans to tune in, adding:

I think if they have any appreciation for soap operas or Hallmark, they’re not going to want to miss this one. This movie is really romantic but it’s also extremely funny and it plays homage to soaps. While at the same time it has a bit of a soap-dish deal; so, it’s just kind of fun for everybody.