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Days of Our Lives Recap: Johnny and Chanel Commiserate and Connect Over Cocktails

Days of Our Lives Recap for August 18, 2021
Johnny DiMera, Chanel Dupree, Days of Our Lives

Carson Boatman, Raven Bowens

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Abe arriving and Eli and Lani’s place. They discuss Theo’s state of mind. He understands, but is understandably upset. Abe is there to see Lani who is over checking in with Paulina. 

Lani is embracing Olivia and asking for a clean slate with no more lies. Olivia goes to Paulina and attests to the fact that she will be honest. Paulina has something to say, but I’m guessing Olivia will say something else a little louder.

John and Marlena are celebrating that Allie and Claire have been released and Ben and Ciara have reunited - and it feels so good. The bad news is that Belle has relayed that EJ and Samantha Gene’s marriage is kaput. 

At the DiMera mansion, EJ continues to drink and ponder the state of his lifeless marriage when Johnny walks in from behind the secret passage to the tunnels! EJ is thrilled and they embrace. Johnny says he didn’t use the front door because he has always loved the tunnels.

EJ fills Johnny in on his mother’s betrayal with Lucas. Johnny feels sorry for his dad, but wonders why his mother isn’t pitching a fit until EJ takes her back. No one knows where she is and EJ doesn’t care. EJ apologizes to Johnny and offers him a drink. In a giggle-worthy moment, Johnny informs EJ that he is now a single malt man. 

Johnny informs EJ he is looking for investors for his new movie and he’s giving EJ first crack at it. EJ didn’t know Johnny was interested in filmmaking. Johnny lets him know that he’s been studying up on the classics and has made some shorts on his phone. EJ has no time for Johnny’s foolishness and wants him to come to work at DiMera. 

Side Note: Does anyone else think it is an interesting coincidence that Johnny arrived (from the tunnels) immediately after Samantha Gene disappeared?

Johnny brutally rebuffs EJ’s offer, basically calls him an egomaniac, slams down his single malt, and exits the room.  

Side Note: They are really giving us some good shots of EJ in the DiMera living room with Stefano’s portrait watching/judging him. 

Meanwhile, John and Marlena are also discussing EJ and Samantha Gene’s lifeless marriage. John lets Marlena know her wayward daughter got it on with Lucas. Marlena thinks Samantha Gene and EJ always find their way back together. They both wonder where in the world Samantha Gene Brady is. For some reason, John and Marlena are surprised that Samantha Gene would do something to screw up her life. 

Side Note: Really? Seriously?

At University Hospital, Tripp and Allie embrace. He wanted to come see her after she was released from police custody. They kiss, the elevator door opens, and Chanel walks out. Dupree and Horton also embrace, just like the happy threesome they are. Chanel wants them all to have dinner, but Allie needs to go see Grandma Marlena. Chanel has documents for Allie to sign about the new bakery. As she turns to sign them, Chanel and Tripp size each other up. 

Tripp and Allie make their way to John and Marlena’s penthouse looking for Samantha Gene. John and Marlena know what is going on, but have no idea about her mother’s current location. Allie explains that neither Lucas nor EJ know where in the world Samantha Gene is. Allie even checked in with Gabi, who also doesn’t know her location. John wonders if EJ is keeping something from all of them. He thinks EJ may be a part of the reason Samantha Gene has disappeared. 

John has left the penthouse, but Marlena thinks he will figure everything out. She exits the room and Tripp reassures Allie that Samantha Gene is okay. Tripp will help her stay positive in her time of need. 

Side Note: I’m guessing Dupree will be more than happy to keep Horton’s spirits up.

Allie is embracing her inner worry wart as she wonders if she blew off Chanel too quickly. Tripp thinks it’s for the best because Chanel needs to understand they aren’t going to be together. 

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Side Note: Tripp is pushing it, but he’s a wee insecure. 

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Back at Casa de Grant, Abe wonders why Lani was willing to give Paulina another chance. Eli explains the situation, but Abe still thinks Eli put her up to this change of heart. Eli explains that Lani is stubborn and ribs Abe about where she could possibly have inherited that trait. Abe does think Paulina has tried to make amends and Eli thinks he may have already forgiven her. 

At Paulina’s Place, Olivia interrupts, and sends Lani away to get her some iced tea and something to nibble on. Lani exits and Olivia explains that she is madder than a hornet in a coke can. Olivia shuts down Paulina’s foolish thoughts of telling Lani the truth just as she returns from the kitchen with Olivia’s snacks. 

Side Note: I love Olivia. 

Paulina abides by Olivia’s wishes and says she swears she won’t lie again or the Lord can strike her mama dead. Lani seems a little thrown when Paulina follows up her statement by saying it’s okay since “that old battle ax” will outlive all of them. 

Side Note: Did y’all see that laugh and look Olivia shot Paulina? It’s that look that mothers give their children when they have gotten their way. 

Lani follows up by saying Abe told her about Ray and how his influence impacted her life. Before they can go too far down that road, Olivia says that Big Mama needs to rest. 

We begin the end of our day in Salem with Johnny tearing into Julie’s Place wondering who he has to sleep with to get a single malt! Chanel is sitting at the bar and promptly tells him that she is not up for that particular job. He scoots over and begins to chat her up. Johnny downs his single malt shot and takes a sip of his beer. Johnny wonders what’s up with Chanel. Why is she so sad? Chanel explains that she had a relationship end before it started - and downs half her martini. Not knowing that Chanel is pining for his twin sister, Johnny goes into full on mack mode. He offers to buy her a drink and she accepts. 

Side Note: The possibility of Allie and Johnny both vying for Chanel’s affection makes me giggle with glee. 

Back at the DiMera mansion, EJ pours another drink as John walks in. He has no time for pleasantries and goes straight into confrontation mode. John wants to know what he knows about Samantha Gene’s current location. EJ explains that Samantha Gene surely chose to stay elsewhere after betraying their marriage. John addresses EJ by his government name (Elvis John) and lets him know he thinks he is full of it. Elvis wants John to take his insinuations and vacate the premises. EJ downs his drink and smashes his glass against the wall. 

At Casa de Grant, Lani has returned to tell Abe and Eli about the arrival of Big Mama Olivia. Meanwhile, Paulina is upset she didn’t tell Lani about her parentage. Olivia basically tells her to stay in line and keep her big trap shut. How would Lani and Abe feel if they found out their family connections are a big lie?

Back at the penthouse, Grandma Marlena has the magic touch and puts Henry to bed. John returns and gives them the lowdown on his confrontation with EJ. Allie wonders why they haven’t even gotten a text. Cue the texts. Samantha Gene has texted to say she isn’t up for chatting with folks and she wants to be alone. 

Side Note: Are they really going to believe this mess? 

John thinks everything is settled, as does Allie. Marlena agrees, but looks a little less convinced. 

Back at the DiMera mansion, what must be a buzzed EJ asks Stefano’s portrait what they are going to do about Giovanni?

Meanwhile, Giovanni is dealing with financial woes as his credit card has been declined. Chanel can TOTALLY relate to being cut off. They talk about their family members and flirt without realizing they have more connections than they think. He puts his number in her phone and they continue to get cocktailed. 

That’s the end of our day in Salem. What did you think? We want to hear from YOU!

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