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Robin Roberts' New Disney+ Talk Show Goes "Raw"

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Good Morning America's Robin Roberts is spreading her wings by hosting a new talk show for Disney+. How is Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts, available to stream now, different from her other endeavors? The broadcaster chatted it up with USA TODAY.

Working at GMA involves covering a lot of content in a short period of time. In contrast, Roberts explained:

With 'Turning the Tables,' it's like sippin' the tea, spillin' the tea, just talkin'. I was very appreciative of that opportunity to have a full conversation and that things weren't left on the editing room floor as they sometimes are with 'GMA,' only because we have to get the most pertinent information; which we do, but we have to keep moving. So I have the best of both worlds.

Four 30-minute episodes will feature Roberts speaking with the likes of of Billie Jean King, Jenna Dewan, Debbie Allen, Mickey Guyton, and Melissa Etheridge. Each episode will have three celebrity guests and will cover a theme: "Groundbreakers," "Intuition," "Authenticity," and "Vulnerability."

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Roberts said she and her guests are honest. She explained that she initially thought:

Even though I know the title is 'Turning the Tables,' I'm the savvy pro. I'm not going to share anything more than I want to share.

As time went on, though, she found herself opening up. She added:

The only reason I said that – it wasn't because of something risque – it was something I had never shared before, and (I wondered), was this the platform that I wanted to do it? And then I'm like, 'Heck yeah!' The whole point of the program is to be raw and to be real.

Watch the trailer below.