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Would Elisabeth Hasselbeck Ever Return to The View?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

The View's former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is speaking out on if she would ever return to the table of the long-running ABC talk show. On Instagram, Hasselbeck posted a "Top Question of the Week" she received in which she was asked if she would ever go back to her former stomping ground. 

In a lengthy post, Hasselbeck admitted she did miss being a panelist and having her voice heard. Hasselbeck stated:

With all that is happening in the world… there are times I do miss the blessing of being a voice for certain causes at the hot topics table of @theviewabc .

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Hasselbeck further explained that, while she misses having the platform The View provided her from 2003-2013, she was listening to what God wanted her to do. That was being offscreen. She enjoys the life she and her family have in Nashville, Tennessee. Hasselbeck posted:

Whatever is next (and it may be more writing as I’m feeling nudged to do that more! ) I am clear that ❤️NASHVILLE IS HOME❤️ - travel and remotes are possible - but y’all we are not uprooting from this amazing city. It has been goooooooood to us!

Read the entire post below: