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Perkie's Observations: Carly and Jason Set a Wedding Date on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 19, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, Jason Morgan, General Hospital

Laura Wright, Steve Burton

On today's General Hospital recap: Jason tells Carly they're in trouble because the families believe they're vulnerable. He says they need to get married as soon as possible because they gave him an ultimatum to marry or to kill her.

Jason says the families will pay for threatening Carly. He says they need to set a date and she wonders if any part of the wedding will be about them. Carly says everyone thinks it's a real marriage, but it will just be for show. Carly admits she's scared of what their marriage will be like since she doesn't want to lose him as her safety net. Jason says he needs her to stand by him no matter what. The two pick September 17th as their wedding day.

Spencer wants to get to know Trina better, but she wants him to hear Nikolas out. Spencer wants Trina to come with him, but Nurse Eavesdropper shows up and kisses him. Spencer introduces Trina to girlfriend Esme. Trina is not happy and storms off.
Esme wonders why Spencer never told his friends about her, but he says the night became a mess. She tells Spencer that she's been following Ava and overheard Nikolas tell her he wasn't really going to Dubai. Esme admits to setting Ava's car on fire, which angers Spencer. Esme says she did it to take the heat off of Spencer, but he feels this went too far. She thinks Ava should pay for Nikolas picking her over Spencer. (Well that's stupid logic.)

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Laura says she's losing faith in Nikolas, who she thinks is falling into darkness. Laura feels like she should stop trying to save him because it's too late. Nikolas begs her not to give up on him and says he wants to be better for everyone. Laura says he's broken Spencer's heart and wonders what steps Nikolas is willing to take to fix things.

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Kevin checks in on Ava because he's worried about the stress she's under. Ava shows him Kiki's ID. Kevin's not sure if Ryan is capable of doing this, but hasn't ruled him out. Ava is certain that it isn't Spencer. Ava doesn't understand why the stalker would start up again, even after she filed for divorce. Kevin agrees that something feels off. Ava wonders if there is anywhere she can go where the stalker can't get to her or Avery. Ava says she has to leave Port Charles alone.

Trina shows up at the hospital to see Ava. Trina tells Ava that Nikolas took things too far and that Spencer may not be able to forgive him.

Portia wants to know what happened at Wyndemere and is surprised when she hears what Nikolas did to Spencer. Portia notices that Trina is upset and pushes for more information. Trina says Spencer has a girlfriend.

Britt gets the brush off when a group of hospital staffers get together at The Savoy. Terry tries to extend the olive branch to Britt. Britt complains to Terry that Cyrus forced her to do those things she did and doesn't like that everyone is still giving her the cold shoulder. Terry says Britt has to earn the nurses' respect. Britt apologizes to Epiphany and allows Pif to dump all over her. Britt says she's trying not to be the person she was before and sends the table a round of drinks on her.

Spencer introduces Laura and Nikolas to Esme. Spencer says he wishes Nikolas had never come back and leaves. (I'm curious as to why the show is going so hard on Nikolas when it's now clear that Spencer is in fact the stalker. Is it just to be able to justify Spencer's actions . . .  that he did what he did because of how Nikolas has treated him? Because that seems to be an odd choice here.)