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Perkie's Observations: Chase Scores Proof of Austin's Claim to ELQ on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 20, 2021
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Harrison Chase, General Hospital

Josh Swickard

On today's General Hospital recap: Joss checks in with Carly about her behavior the night before, but Carly downplays it. Carly calls Michael over and tells them the wedding date is set. She says she has time to make a small event. After Joss leaves, Michael wonders if Carly should be making a bigger splash.

Carly agrees they need to make a statement for the families, but wants a smaller event. Michael says it could become more with Jason, like with Willow. Carly wonders what he's not telling her, but he swears there is nothing.

Spencer and Esme spend the night at Laura's. After Esme heads out, Laura questions why Spencer didn't tell her about Esme before now. Spencer says they met at school and he needs to find a place to live with Esme, but Laura shoots that down.

Spencer says he's only looking for something for Esme, but Laura reminds him that Nikolas has taken back his trust fund. Laura asks if Spencer is planning on getting a job but he poo-poos that.

Trina complains to Cameron about Spencer when Esme shows up. She lays it on thick about her relationship with Spencer. Joss shows up and is surprised to be introduced to Spencer's girlfriend. Joss questions Trina, pointing out that Spencer was all up in her grill for weeks and never told them about Esme. Trina blows it off.

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Brook Lynn and Valentin discuss Austin's claim to the shares and how she doesn't believe he's owed. Chase says he's on Austin's side and says there could be proof that Edward was planning on changing the will.

Willow promises Chase that she's happy with their marriage and is certain he'll be up and walking soon enough. Chase makes little digs, but Willow doesn't question it. She reassures him that she's where she wants to be. Later, Willow runs to Michael and tells him she can't do this anymore.

Martin wants to discuss Valentin with Anna, but she says they have a long past together. Marty seems to be getting a little flirty with her, which Anna questions. Anna finds him interesting, but nothing more.

Valentin comes across them and after Anna leaves and wonders what Martin is up to. Martin says he was only having a conversation with Anna, but Valentin says she's off limits. Martin gets a call and storms off. Martin heads over to Laura's to tell her they have a problem. (Let me guess, Cyrus has escaped?)

Nina and Sonny discuss how everyone came to support Phyllis after Lenny's death. The two go through some of Lenny's things and a photo sets off a memory of a blond woman. Sonny leans in for another kiss, but Nina pulls back. Someone comes knocking on The Tano's door and Nina is shocked to see Maxie

Brook Lynn finds Chase's empty wheelchair. Chase finds the document that proves Edward wanted to add Jimmy Lee to the will and leaves Austin a message. Heading back to the sitting room, he finds Brook Lynn waiting and sitting in his chair. 

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