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Perkie's Observations: A Mystery Man Is Stalking Maxie on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 23, 2021
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Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Kirsten Storms

On today's General Hospital recap: Nina is shocked to see Maxie, who says she's on her way back to Port Charles and thought she'd pop in on her way. The two discuss Peter and how he disappeared. Maxie says Louise needs to stay with Brook Lynn until Peter is caught. Nina asks if Maxie is capable of staying away from Louise.

Maxie says she dreams of her baby every night and she has to see her again. She says she's going to be stronger and asks if she can stay in Nixon Falls with Nina. Nina says Maxie has to leave since staying won't solve her problems. Nina convinces Maxie to return home.

Jordan shows up at Laura's to tell her that Cyrus has put out a contract on Laura and Martin. Kevin thinks Cyrus is coming after those who did him the greatest harm, likely his siblings. Jordan says the FBI is ready to put them in protective custody right now. Kevin wants to go with her, but Laura needs him to stay behind to take care of Spencer. The two share a goodbye.

Sam asks if Dante can help her find out about Drew's crash from the WSB, but he' s interrupted by Olivia. Olivia asks Dante about Sam and he has to admit they had a nice date. Sam then checks in with Anna and Valentin, and tells them about Drew's phone call. Anna wonders if someone is throwing her off.

Dante joins them and says Peter could be involved. Valentin figures if Drew is alive, Peter might want to go after him again. Sam asks Anna to see WSB files on the plane crash. Valentin also wants to see the file, hoping it will give them a clue to Peter's whereabouts

Willow says they can't keep doing this and Michael agrees they can't keep living a lie. She says she can't betray Chase any longer and she's going to tell him the truth. Michael wants to be with her to tell Chase.

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Ned questions what Austin wants and he says he wants a seat at the table. Ned wonders what Austin would take to walk away. Austin doesn't want money, he wants the shares on behalf of his father. Austin thinks Ned is scared and wonders why.

Chase tells Brook Lynn he wants to wait until he recovers more before telling anyone he can walk. She grabs the paper from his hand and sees that it's a note between Edward and his lawyer. Brook Lynn notes it isn't signed, which means the original will should stand. Brook Lynn wants to know why Chase went looking for the paper and asks why he would help Austin.

Chase says he's getting back at Michael and explains that Michael and Willow slept together. Brook Lynn says he's hurting all the Quartermaines, not just Michael. Brook Lynn says the company is Ned's and Austin has no claim.

Brook Lynn says Michael offered Chase a place to stay and not to betray him. Chase retorts they lied to him. She says hurting Michael and Willow won't heal Chase's pain. She's not happy that he's siding with Austin.

Michael and Willow arrive to talk to Chase.

Maxie leaves The Tan-O, while someone watches from afar. That someone . . . is . . . Peter "Henrik" August! (You stupid, stupid show.)

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