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Perkie's Observations: Peter Comes Face to Face With Sonny and Discovers Nina's Lie on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 24, 2021
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Wes Ramsey

Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap: Peter is shocked when Sonny walks up to The Tano and doesn't know who he is. Peter claims he's an author and Sonny introduces himself as Mike. Sonny takes Peter into the bar, where Nina sees him and loses it. Peter and Nina play out they are meeting for the first time. Sonny explains he lost his memory. After Sonny leaves, Peter confronts Nina.

Jason suggests to Carly they invite all the families to the wedding and make it as public as possible. Carly complains about Jax, but Jason tells her he sees where Jax is coming from. Carly wonders why she's nervous about marrying him, but Jason says it's okay to feel that way.

Maxie calls Brook Lynn to let her know she's coming home tonight. She says it was Nina's idea. Maxie runs into Jason on her way to Deception and complains about allowing Peter to mess with her. When Maxie hears about the wedding, she offers to plan it for them.

A nurse named Chloe patches up Drew's injuries. She says she's also a prisoner who answered an ad to be the personal nurse for a pregnant woman and was taken. (So now the show is telling us that Peter never actually killed the original nurse Chloe??)
Drew asks for Chloe's help, gives her the pen, and has her tell the guards about it. (Not sure I understood the logic of that.)

Liz reminds Britt she's supposed to be off for a few days, but Britt says she can't afford to let Liz have the time. Liz makes an end run to Terry, who approves the time off. Britt complains to Terry about allowing Liz to have vacation time and reminds her they need to work together.

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Terry chastises Liz for going around Britt to get the time off. Britt overhears and steps in, saying Liz can have the vacation. Britt and Terry shake hands and agree to be partners.

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Sam is certain that Drew is alive though she can't explain how she knows. Sam admits she'd want to hurt Peter if they find him and Dante reminds her she has a month left on her parole. Sam says it doesn't matter as Drew will never get the time back with Scout.

Austin shows up at the mansion and Brook Lynn tears a strip off of him for dragging Chase into his plans. Brook Lynn promises she won't let him get a dime of Quartermaine money. She believes Chase won't give him the document he found.

Willow tells Chase how she never wanted to hurt him, but says she needs an annulment from him. Chase lets her know Millow are in love with each other, which surprises Willow. Chase says he knows they slept together and wonders why they lied.
Willow swears there was never a time to tell the truth. She says she tried to get her feelings back for Chase, but couldn't. Chase realizes Willow and Michael have been sleeping together all along. Willow says she will always love Chase, but she's in love with Michael.

Chase thanks her for her honesty then stands up out of the chair. Chase admits he's been working with Austin and shows Michael the note that Edward wanted to change his will. Michael and Willow don't want Chase to give the paper to Austin as he walks in and asks for it.

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