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Booked And Busy: Erika Slezak Returns to Small Screen in Hallmark's Next Up Christmas

Erika Slezak

O soap vets, where art thou? In this week's Booked and Busy, of course! Former Llanview queen Erika Slezak (ex-Viki, One Life to Live) is making a comeback to TV. She announced that she'll be popping up this holiday season in Hallmark's upcoming holiday film Next Up Christmas. What else are soap stars and present up to this week? Find out below!

All My Children

  • Jonathan Bennett (ex-J.R.) will star in Potato Dreams of America, Wes Hurley's autobiographical dark comedy film, a queer coming of age story; the flick world premiered at SXSW and will get a theatrical release in Q1 2022 and then a digital release
  • Josh Duhamel (ex-Leo) will star with Renée Zellweger in NBC's limited series The Thing About Pam 

The Bold and the Beautiful

  • Ashley Jones (Bridget) announced on Instagram that she'll make her directorial debut with the film Sugar Mommy

General Hospital

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One Life to Live

  • Erika Slezak (ex-Viki) appears in the upcoming Hallmark holiday film Next Stop Christmas; she filmed her scenes in Essex, Connecticut
  • Brandon Routh (ex-Seth) will star in Netflix's animated series Magic: The Gathering, out in late 2022


The Young and the Restless