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Days of Our Lives Recap: Olivia Throws Shade as Paulina and Abe Reunite

Days of Our Lives Recap for August 24, 2021
Marla Gibbs

Marla Gibbs

On today's Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with a shirtless Xander answering his door at the Salem Inn to find Gwen on the other side. She’s there to apologize.

Across town, Olivia is getting flowers from Eli. She seems quite thrilled to be in his presence. Lani makes Eli recount how Paulina called him a tall glass of chocolate milk. 

In Horton Square, Paulina sees Abe and they talk about how she has made amends with both Julie (sort of) and Lani. Paulina wants to know if they are good as well. 

In Nicole’s guest room, Tripp and Allie are lying in bed when he tells her he loves her. She is not terribly anxious to return his sentiment. 

At Julie’s Place, Johnny and Chanel are being all cute and adorable. He wonders if she really likes him, and she confirms his suspicions with a kiss. Johnny wants to go some place a little more private. 

Back in Nicole’s guest room, Allie explains she just isn’t ready to tell Tripp she loves him and she wants him to understand why. She’s never said those words to anyone before. She doesn’t want to hurt him, but it might be a little late for that.

Tripp says he is cool, and just wants to be with her. 

Side Note: Be careful, Allie. Do you know what Tripp did to your Great Aunt Kayla? 

Tripp’s beeper goes off and he needs to head to University Hospital. 

At Julie’s Place, Johnny and Chanel make the decision to go be all private. Chanel explains that she is staying with her mother, and her grandmother is in town, so Johnny chooses his place. Chanel looks a little less than enthused. 

Chanel and Johnny arrive at the DiMera mansion. She’s impressed and they head up to his bedroom. They make out until Chanel pushes him away and asks if he has protection. Johnny is utterly disappointed he didn’t stock up on condoms. Maybe they should just hang out.

Johnny decides it’s a good time to ask Chanel about the girl she had feelings for. Johnny wonders if she wants to hook up with him to get over her. 

Chanel explains that she does still have feelings for that girl (YOUR TWIN!), but she likes him too. Chanel decides to make her exit, but lays a hot kiss on Johnny so he doesn’t forget her. 

Side Note: Hey Johnny, the call is coming from inside the family!

In Xander’s hotel room, Gwen is still trying to get Xander to put on a shirt. 

Side Note: Why would anyone EVER want Xander to put on a shirt?

Gwen heard Xander spent the night in jail and thinks he didn’t have to cover for her like that. Xander wanted to stop Jack from finding out that Gwen lied to Jack. Gwen thinks maybe she should go to the police and tell them the truth.

Side Note: Does anyone think Gwen would actually turn herself in?

Xander tells her to cool her jets because EJ DiMera came to his rescue. Xander explains that he gave EJ his million dollars back to put him on retainer. 

Gwen explains that Xander can’t cover for her because she knows how much he has done to help her and it shows how much he has grown. Gwen seems genuinely touched as Xander admits he did these things for her. Gwen is no longer bothered with Xander’s half nekkidness and goes in for a kiss or twelve. 

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In Horton Square, Abe explains he wants to try to forgive Paulina for his transgressions. Paulina looks thrilled just as Abe lays one on her right by Tom and Alice’s plaque. Abe is ready to get past the secrets and the lies. Paulina gets uncomfortable really fast. 

Paulina quickly tries to distract Abe with her feminine wiles. Abe is distracted, but not deterred. He really wants to do is meet Big Mama. Paulina is less than thrilled, but Abe charms her enough to convince her. 

Across town, Lani, Eli and Olivia continue to enjoy their visit. Lani disturbs their joy by pressing Big Mama about the intentions of her visit. 

Olivia tells Lani that she came to straighten out Paulina for dating her sister’s ex-man. She quotes a Bible verse about not seeing the nekkidness of your sister’s man. 

Side Note: I SCREAMED! 

Allie headed directly from Nicole’s guest room straight to Marlena’s penthouse. She cuts the pleasantries short and tells her about what happened with Tripp. She even goes into the three way dream with Chanel. 

Allie explains that she’s not sure about her feelings for Chanel. Allie was jealous that Chanel was with someone else. Allie doesn’t want to have feelings for Chanel and just wants everyone to be happy. Marlena explains that life and relationships are messy, and “I love you” are very powerful words. 

Side Note: There’s such solid family chemistry between Lindsay Arnold and Deidre Hall. 

At University Hospital, Tripp walks into Kayla’s office and asks her to cover for him. She wonders why and he explains what happened with Allie. Tripp thinks he was pressuring Allie and Kayla tries to reason with him in a very motherly way. Tripp says he thinks she might have feelings for someone else.

Across town, Abe and Paulina arrive to meet Big Mama Olivia, who seems less than thrilled with their arrival. She throws shade at Abe about his history with Tamara. Abe tries his best to charm her and explain why he has been involved with both of her daughters. Olivia isn’t buying what Abe is selling. 

The babies start crying which brings an end to the family dinner before it begins. Lani and Eli grab the kids and make their exit. Paulina wants Abe to stay, but he decides to make his exit as well. He tells “Mama Price” it was a pleasure to meet her, and she said, “I’M SURE IT WAS!”

Side Note: Once again, I SCREAMED!

As soon as Abe exits, they both stop smiling and Paulina tells her mama to wipe that frown off her face. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Xander and Gwen basking in their afterglow. Xander thinks their roll in the hay was well worth one million dollars. Xander wants to celebrate by doing something else selfless. He wants to show her how the Scottish say, “You’re welcome.” 

Side Note: Can we get Xander back in a kilt please? 

At University Hospital, Tripp explains to Kayla he thinks Allie may still have feelings for someone else. Kayla wonders if he’s talking about Chanel. He confirms it is Chanel and he really needs to investigate Allie’s situation. 

On cue, Chanel calls Allie. She explains that everything is set with the bakery and she met up with “thirst trap.” Allie says she knew because she ran into Paulina. Chanel has to jet because she wants to say goodbye to Big Mama. They exchange “I love yous”, and hang up. 

Side Note: Not Allie telling Chanel she loves her!

At Casa de Grant, Eli and Lani are reviewing their evening and how nice it was to be with family. They agree it is so wonderful that all the secrets and lies are done. 

Meanwhile, Paulina thinks Abe left their family gathering because of Olivia’s foolishness. Olivia thinks Paulina is setting herself for heartbreak, whether she tells the truth or not - but under no circumstances does she want her daughter to open her trap. Paulina decides she is right and will take the secret to her grave. 

That’s the end of our day in Salem! What did you think? We want to hear from YOU! 

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