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Perkie's Observation: Michael Gives Up The Fight and Hands Edward's Document Over to Austin on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 25, 2021
Austin Holt, General Hospital

Roger Howarth

On today's General Hospital recap: Before leaving, Chase hands the paper to Michael and tells him to do what he wants with it. Michael accuses Austin of manipulating Chase. Austin says he's trying to right a wrong for his father. After going back and forth with Brook Lynn putting in her disdain, Michael decides to give Austin the document. Michael says the will was never changed, but Austin says the document proves Edward was planning on it. After Austin leaves, Brook Lynn tells Michael that he just cost them ELQ.

Nina questions Peter's existence (as do most fans), but he wants to know about Sonny. Peter pulls a gun on Nina before she can get hers. Nina asks where he's been, but Peter says he's been lying low. He says he's been looking for Louise, which led him to follow Maxie around.

Peter says he'll find the baby first and Maxie will have to decide to live with him if she wants to be with Louise. Peter wants to know about Sonny, so Nina explains it to him. She says she didn't tell Sonny the truth because it would take away the happiness he's found.

Peter says he could easily tell Carly that Sonny's alive, which makes Nina question what he wants. Peter says he needs shelter and a base of operation. He wants her to find out information from Maxie and Valentin so he can find the baby first. Nina unwillingly agrees to their deal.

Sonny tries to comfort a grieving Phyllis. Sonny says he's had the feeling of loss and realizes it must have been someone important. He wishes he could have what she had with Lenny. Phyllis believes he's in love with Nina.

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Maxie runs into Valentine and Bailey, and takes an interest in the baby, but then pulls back. Valentin tells Maxie that Peter is out there and promises to find him. Maxie says she can't deal with false leads anymore and needs to focus on her well being. Valentin spots Austin and asks Maxie to hold the baby for a moment.

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Carly and Jax have lunch with Joss and Cameron, who complain about Spencer's party. Jax makes a comment about Joss being in danger and Carly gets passive aggressive about her children's safety. Joss feels the tension between them, so Carly asks for time to talk to Jax alone. The two argue about Joss' safety. Carly says Joss is an adult and they aren't raising her together anymore. Carly says she doesn't trust him anymore and they'll have to coexist as parents.

Spencer complains to Esme about having to stay with Kevin while Laura is gone. He's not happy that she set Ava's car on fire, but Esme says it was to provide him with an alibi. Trina shows up and there's tension between her and Spencer.

When Spencer leaves them alone, Esme claims she knows that Trina has a crush on him. Esme's fine with it and puts the blame on Spencer for not telling Trina she existed. Esme wants to be friends for Spencer's sake. Later, Esme tells Spencer she wants to take classes at PCU.

Willow heads over to talk to Chase. He says she had plenty of chances to tell him the truth. Willow says she'll always be thankful to Chase for being there after she gave up her baby. Chase says he thought Willow felt the same way as he did. She says she will always love him for the sacrifice he made for Wiley. Willow takes off her wedding band and hands it back to him.

Austin tells Valentin he has the document that can help him get the shares. Sonny checks in on Peter and Nina. Peter says he'll be staying in town for a while.

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