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TMZ Reports Jeopardy! Wants Mayim Bialik as Full-Time Host

Mayim Bialik, Jeopardy!

Could Mayim Bialik be the next permanent host of Jeopardy!? The actress is slated to step in for three weeks as a temporary host and helm primetime and spinoff specials, but TMZ reported Sony is eager for her to join full-time.

Production sources tell the site that execs are trying to film as many episodes as possible with Bialik at the lectern. Their ultimate goal? Having her take over permanently. She's scheduled to film 15 episodes at the moment.

Bialik's busy shooting her sitcom Call Me Kat, too, and that schedule can't budge. As a result, Sony has suggested shooting Jeopardy! on weekends and during weeks that would normally be hiatuses to accommodate her.

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TMZ added:

Our sources say there's a mutual interest from Mayim to become the permanent host as well, and FOX is being cooperative with her interim hosting ... so there's still a path to her taking over permanently.