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Mike Richards to Undergo Sensitivity Training

Mike Richards, Jeopardy!

After departing his new role as Jeopardy! host, Mike Richards is undergoing sensitivity training, according to The New York Times. Richards is scheduled to stay on as the game show's showrunner.

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In a call with the Jeopardy! team on Aug. 23, Ravi Ahuja, Chairman of Sony Global Television Studios, shared that Richards will undergo sensitivity training. Ahuja lauded Richards for stepping aside. Sources present at the meeting told the Times that Ahuja stated Richards did the right thing and shared that he expected the Jeopardy! staff to "move forward."

Ahuja reportedly lamented the way Richards was covered in the media and told staffers to not speak to the media. Then Richards apologized before asking for the chance to show "who he really is," according to his rep, Ed Tagliaferri.

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Richards will be overseen by Sony legal affairs and business exec Suzanne Prete, who will “take more of an active presence on the creative direction and strategy." This move was reportedly planned before Richards stepped down; Prete will report to Ahuja.