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Days of Our Lives Recap: Will a Return From The Great Beyond Destroy Bonnie’s Happily Ever After?

Days of Our Lives Recap for August 26, 2021
Bonnie Lockhart, Days of Our Lives

Judi Evans

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with an angsty scene between Rafe and Nicole. Rafe is about to have breakfast, and Nicole looks pale and tragic as she considers whether or not to join 

In Horton Square, Gabi is torturing Ava with stories of Rafe and Nicole. Gabi finishes being snarky and Ava says aloud to no one that Gabi should be careful who she turns her back on. 

Side Note: Be careful, Gabriela! You are a fierce vixen, but Ava took down Grandpa Shawn and an entire plane of Salem’s finest! 

At Titan, Philip decides to ignore Kate - the smartest woman in all the land - and hire Jake. Jake immediately flashes back to Gabi telling him of her plot to take over Titan and the world. 

Over in Kiriakis land, Bonnie and Justin are sitting in the aftermath of a food fight. 

Side Note: Hell hath no fury like Aunt Maggie when her porcelain miniatures are at risk. 

Like sands through the hour glass . . .

Back at the Hernandez homestead, Rafe and Nicole are enjoying their food when Rafe discovers the food they are inhaling is less than edible. They are being flirty over the awful eggs when Nicole admits that Gabi told her to stop by to see Rafe. 

Nicole explains that she and Gabi were discussing how she has been leaning on Rafe. Gabi explained that Rafe wanted her to lean on him. Nicole thought Gabi was just being polite.

Side Note: Nicole Walker is smarter than this.

Rafe goes on to explain how he wants to be there for her, but Gabi is simply making trouble for him and Ava. Gabi is anti-Ava, which makes her #TeamNicole. Nicole scoffs and says they are just friends, right? Rafe agrees, but says Gabi is a button-pusher and Ava should trust him more. Rafe thought they were a great match, but maybe they are just too different.

Rafe tells her he tried to explain their friendship to Ava, but was brutally rebuffed. Nicole doesn’t think Ava is crazy for thinking there is something between them. Rafe, as usual, looks perplexed. Nicole says Ava is right about the time they are spending together and she is leaning on Rafe too much. Nicole knows that Ava is insecure. Shockingly, Rafe isn’t listening and doesn’t care what Ava thinks. Nicole clearly thinks it’s odd that he isn’t more concerned with Ava’s feelings. 

Side Note: How do you solve a puzzle like Rafe Hernandez? 

Side Note #2: Chances are you don’t solve that puzzle because you get a wee bit bored.

In Horton Square, Ava is crafting a text to send to Rafe, but then she thinks she shouldn’t send it because Rafe isn’t man enough to admit his feelings for Nicole. Just as she is about to fire off a text, Steve arrives. 

Steve wonders who she is texting and warns her to think before she sends the text. She deletes the text and they begin discussing how things are going with Rafe. Steve says he was out of line telling Rafe to steer clear of Ava and he OWES HER AN APOLOGY!?!?!?! Really? 

Steve starts waxing poetic about how he warned Justin about Bonnie the same way he warned Rafe about Ava. He was wrong about Bonnie and now he’s admitting he was wrong about Ava. 

Side Note: Am I watching a different show?

Steve goes on to say that Bonnie and Ava are both trying to change and he needs to give both of them the benefit of the doubt. Ava thanks him for his kindness, particularly because of Tripp. Steve and Ava commence discussing her less than ideal relationship with Rafe, and how he knows how she gets when jealousy enters the picture. Steve thinks when she stops trusting folks, her jealous leads to obsession. She should just believe what he has to say.

At Basic Black, Chloe and Brady are discussing Philip. Brady reminds Chloe he is her boss. Chloe wonders if Brady is ordering her to go to New York with him - not a good look Brady. 

Brady says he would never force Chloe to do anything, but he needs Chloe since Nicole can’t go . . . because she’s too busy eating bad eggs with Rafe. 

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Over at Titan, Jake and Philip are discussing why Kate’s advice is not being followed. Philip explains that his knowledge of DiMera and CEO experience makes him a good hire. Gabi enters and Philip exits.

Jake thinks being at Titan is right where he belongs as he sits down in Philip’s chair. Gabi lets him know that is her chair, and they need to commence with operation, “Take over Titan.” Jake goes through Philip’s desk as they talk about why Philip ignored Kate. Gabi calls Kate mommy dearest, and gets Jake to snap to attention and get to work. 

Jake is having none of it. He wants to talk about how Gabi is pressing Ava’s buttons and how it may not be a good idea. Gabi ignores Jake’s warnings and basks in the glory of her button-pushing. Jake warns Gabi about Ava, but Gabi bows up like a boss and says she is not threatened by the mob princess. (Oh Gabi.)

In the Kiriakis living room, Bonnie and Justin are discussing the food fight and how all of this is Victor’s fault. Justin can’t believe Bonnie isn’t angry with Victor. 

Justin doesn’t care whether the old goat (Victor) comes to their wedding TOMORROW or not. Justin gets all up on Bonnie and licks cream cheese off her neck. He wants to take Bonnie and her cream cheese upstairs. Bonnie still wants to talk about their wedding arrangements. She asked Kayla to be her matron of honor and Justin has asked Sonny - who, it seems, can’t make it. 

Side Note: Tomorrow? That’s fast even for Adrienne. 

Side Note 2: Really? Shouldn’t Bonnie be thanking her lucky stars she isn’t incarcerated for what she did to Adrienne and all of the other illegal things she was involved in?

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Bonnie explains how having Kayla and Steve at their wedding would give it legitimacy. They are a SUPERCOUPLE and Kayla is a legit star in Salem. Justin understands and says he will appeal to them to see if he can get the supercouple to stand up for them at their quickie wedding. 

We begin the end of our day in Salem with Philip showing up at Basic Black to bust up Chloe and Brady. Philip is there to propose (for a second time) the collaboration between Titan and Basic Black. Brady usurps Philip’s moment by saying he and Chloe will be glad to review his proposal on the jet plane to New York. Philip questions why Nicole can’t go, but Chloe explains she is still distraught over Eric. Philip reiterates that he trusts her, but not Brady. Chloe says she won’t go if he doesn’t want her to (I suspect that is all he needed). 

Philip assures her of his trust and says that a visit with Parker - living in New York with Nancy and Craig - is just what she needs. Brady walks in as Philip and Chloe are sealing their trust with a kiss. Chloe makes her exit and Philip’s mood shifts quickly as he warns Brady to keep his paws off his girlfriend. 

In the food fight-riddled Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie is awash in love and admiration for her soon to be hubby. She has every confidence he will be able to get Stephen Earl Johnson to stand up for him at their quickie wedding. They part ways and Bonnie looks just as pleased as - well, as pleased as Adrienne would in the same situation.

Side Note: The weirdness of this wedding!

Side Note #2: Whatever anyone thinks of this pairing, Wally Kurth and Judi Evans look AMAZING. 

In Horton Square, Steve and Ava are ending their bizarre conversation as she leaves to take Rafe his favorite muffin and apologize. Ava seems genuinely grateful that Steve stopped to talk to her and showed her kindness. 

At the Hernandez homestead, Rafe continues to say that he won’t bow to Ava’s whims. Nicole hushes him up and says she is going to make it easy for him by steering clear for the time being. Rafe does not like this! Nicole lets him know she has plenty of shoulders to lean on and she will be fine. Rafe finally capitulates and says he understands. 


Rafe says Nicole can have the stupid bear, and they hug goodbye . . . just as Ava walks up to the door. 

Meanwhile, Gabi and Jake stop discussing their plan to take over the world just long enough to use Philip’s desk for nekkid time. 

Side Note: I hope the Titan cleaning crew arrives before Philip’s return, because ewww.

At the Brady Pub, Justin walks in to find Steve and tells him to brace himself for the question he is about to ask. 

Back at what used to be the food fight-riddled Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie is channeling her inner 8th grader and writing her soon to be married name on a notepad. She looks so happy in the shadow of Victor and Maggie’s picture when she sees an old picture of Justin and Adrienne. She picks it up and tells Adrienne how she is going to make up for all the ways she wronged her. Just then, noises commence, Bonnie looks up and says, “Oh my God. You’re alive.”

That’s the end of our day in Salem. What did you think? We want to hear from YOU!

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