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General Hospital Stars Butt Heads Over COVID Vaccine Mandate Controversy

Ingo Rademacher

Controversy about COVID mandate around the country is starting to rear its ugly head on General Hospital, according to DeadlineEarlier this month, GH's Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis) aired out her frustration regarding those on the set of ABC's solo sudser being unmasked and unvaccinated. 

Grahn called for SAG-AFTRA to step in and posted on Twitter:

A day later, Grahn's co-star Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) revealed he tested positive for the coronavirus while at work when he announced on Instagram he wouldn't be able to appear at a Port Chuck concert in Boston.

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Last weekend things came to ahead when Twitter users began retweeted an Instagram post made by Ingo Rademacher (Jasper "Jax" Jacks) which appeared to endorse and support a "No Vaccine Passport" rally in Santa Monica on Aug. 21, the trade site reported. Rademacher then posted a video on Thursday admonishing users for calling for his firing on Instagram after a #FireIngo hashtag trended. In the video, Rademacher called users "morons" and "bigots" and claimed the vaccine:

Was never supposed to stop the spread and is never going to stop the spread of this virus.

Rademacher then chastised those wanting him to be fired and stated:

You can disagree but what you can’t do is go to my boss and say fire this person…now you become a bigot.

Watch his video below:

To read more about Grahn's take on vaccines after Rademacher's video, click here.