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Perkie's Observations: Jason Is Ready To Go All-In With Carly on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 27, 2021
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Jason Morgan, General Hospital

Steve Burton

On today's General Hospital recap: Jax is present when Mr. Buscema tells Carly he received her wedding invitation and will be there with bells on. Jax feels strongly about Josslyn not going to the wedding. Carly says Josslyn is her maid of honor and can make her own decisions. Jax says Josslyn should know the truth that Carly's wedding is a sham.

Carly claims she loves Jason, but Jax knows it's about the business. He tells Carly not to put a bullseye on her kids' backs while she lives with Sonny's blood money.

Mr. Buscema agrees with Jason that Joey overstepped by approaching Josslyn. He respects Jason and Carly's decision to marry and they shake on it.

Jason complains to Carly about Jax's behavior and how he doesn't understand Carly. She reminisces about their time at Jake's. The two share a dance, then go in for a kiss, but she pulls back.

Spencer and Esme pay Alexis a visit. Spencer spots Ryan and is happy to see he's incapacitated. Alexis talks about Ryan's Locked-in syndrome, which Esme knows all about.

Alexis asks about Nikolas, and says she knows about the letter from Ryan. Alexis tries to defend Nikolas. She blames his upbringing and says Spencer is lucky. Spencer says he has every right to be angry, but Alexis tells him not to punish his father.

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Esme hunts down Ryan. She asks Harmony about Ryan's condition, claiming she knows nothing about it. She says she wants to speak with him. Harmony interprets Ryan's eye blinks and tells Esme he wants her to leave.

Ava stops by the cemetery to talk to Kiki and Nikolas joins her. Ava gets upset that someone may see them together. Nikolas admits he was wrong to think Spencer was the stalker and Ava says it means the danger is real. Ava says they need to stay apart and needs to leave town for awhile. Ava tells Nikolas to make peace with Spencer.

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Nina tells Liesl that Peter is alive and in Nixon Falls. Liesl is glad that Nina hasn't called the police, saying she has plans for Peter. Nina says Peter is targeting James, which inspires Liesl even more.

Sonny tells Peter he's making Nina uncomfortable and he needs to leave town. Phyllis interrupts because she's not happy with how Sonny is treating Peter.

Phyllis questions why Sonny is always so upset by people from Nina's life, but he thinks there's something "off" about Peter. Phyllis says Nina needs to deal with this herself. Sonny tells Phyllis he thinks Peter knows who he is.

Peter spends five minutes chewing scenery, and threatens Nina with everything from telling Carly the truth to accusing her of killing Elvis. (Shut up Peter - Nina, pick up your big girl pants and punch him in the throat!) Peter gives Nina 24 hours to get information about Louise.

Austin shows Scotty the document and he's happy with it. Scotty says he'll be on vacation, but will deal with the court when he gets back.

Scotty checks in with Liesl to see if she's ready to go to St. Lucia, but now she thinks he won't be interested in going to the conference together.

Maxie runs into Jax and asks if he feels weird about Carly and Jason's wedding. Jax claims he has no issues, then changes the subject to Nina. Maxie says she thinks Nina is making her home in Nixon Falls and has found someone special. Maxie thinks Jax should move on.

Liesl asks Nina if she has her permission to get rid of Peter. Liesl tells Nina to tell Peter that Anna and Valentin have a lead in St. Lucia. Liesl promises that Peter won't bother anyone ever again.

Harmony tells Alexis she believes Esme is trouble and Spencer should steer clear of her. 

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