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Days of Our Lives' Jackée Harry Talks Paulina's Love Life

Jackee Harry, Days of Our Lives, Daytime Emmys 2021

Fans are loving Jackée Harry as Days of Our LivesPaulina Price, a role that allows the actress to flex her comedic and dramatic muscles. Harry, who is the first and only Black woman to date to have won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, talked to TV Line about the lack of comedy writing historically available for Black actresses, as well as Paulina's ups and downs on DAYS.

As we approach Emmys season, Harry noted:

Hollywood isn’t writing enough for Black actresses in that category. Viola Davis and Regina King are big Emmy winners, but they’re in dramatic roles. We need to see comedy roles where Black women can sparkle and showcase their gifts. It’s not being written.

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Meanwhile, over in Salem, Paulina is getting up to all sorts of trouble. The part was written specifically for Harry, who teased some of the drama in Paulina's life. Harry mused:

When people write for me, I’m always happy. I’m honored. I’ll keep doing it until I run out of steam. Paulina Price is a mess. She’s got her money and her love interest, James Reynolds, who plays Abe. And he’s my man, honey. I’m older, but I can get a man. It’s glamorous and there’s a lot of fun and intrigue. I haven’t murdered anybody yet. I’ve never played a role where I get to murder anybody, so hopefully I will.

Harry added:

They’re taking care of me. It’s hard work and a lot of work in a short time. But it’s fun and the cast and crew is nice. They treat me really well and that helps. I like to hustle. I’m from the old school, I like to work. The veteran actresses are working because we’re more reliable. We ain’t got nothing else to do.