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Perkie's Observations: Peter Takes Nina's Bait and Heads to St. Lucia on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 30, 2021
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Peter August, General Hospital

Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap: Liesl gives Nina directions to send Peter to St. Lucia. She promises she'll rid the world of him.

Sonny feels that Peter knows who he is, but Peter claims he just sees Sonny as Nina's latest charity case. Sonny pulls out a baseball bat and Nina has to break them up.

Nina tells Peter she spoke with Valentin and they believe the baby is in St. Lucia. She adds that Valentin and Anna will leave tomorrow. Peter decides to get there before they do. Sonny's glad when Peter leaves, then asks Nina on a date.

Austin wants to know why he should vote for Valentin to remain as ELQ's CEO. Valentin says Austin isn't a voting shareholder yet, but Austin and Scotty feel it's only a matter of time. Valentin claims he's been a good CEO and Austin should vote to keep him in the job.

Maxie runs into Brook Lynn and joins her for lunch. Brook Lynn complains about Austin's attempt to gain ELQ shares. Austin interrupts, but Brook Lynn doesn't want him to bother Maxie. Maxie admits to Austin that being around him reminds her too much of losing Louise, so Austin leaves them alone.

Shawn and Sam pay Alexis a visit. Sam tells them about the call from Drew. She says Dante is helping her and they'll be checking the WSB files. Alexis warns Sam that searching for Drew could be dangerous.

Shawn tells Alexis about Naomi's death, and claims he's not giving up on searching for Hayden's shooter. Alexis offers to help.

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Gladys discusses real estate with Brando and Sasha. Gladys adds she didn't like anything Lucy showed her. Lucy's frustrated and annoyed with Gladys. Sasha asks if Brando's planning on attending the wedding, but he says he's keeping his distance from the Corinthos family. Sasha says he shouldn't cut ties with his family, but she just doesn't want him working for them.

Jordan meets with Jason to discuss the guests at the wedding and wonders if he expects trouble. Jordan says Cyrus is making noise and wants to know how much Jason knows. Jason says Cyrus' organization has been dismantled, but Jordan says someone on the outside is pulling strings. Jordan's wishes him the best with the wedding, telling him she knows they're doing it to show strength.

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Anna congratulates Carly on her engagement, but are interrupted by Mr. Novak, who wants a word with Carly. Novak apologizes for Joey's behavior and says he's sending him away. Gladys overhears Novak mention the wedding and harasses Carly about an invitation. Gladys insists she's family, but Carly's having none of it. Gladys runs into Mr. Novak and bitches about Carly and her new marriage. (Gladys hasn't learned her lesson from Cyrus.)

Anna gives Dante the WSB file on Drew's plane crash. Anna is certain that Peter is responsible and thinks he has Drew. Liesl interrupts and the two discuss Peter, though she doesn't tell Anna about Nina's call. Liesl tells Anna that she and Scotty are going to St. Lucia, which Lucy overhears. Lucy tears a strip off of Scotty for being involved with Liesl.

Dante finds something in the WSB file and calls Sam to join him and Anna. Dante says Drew chartered a flight and someone else was on it with him. Sam sees a company named Leethy Unlimited in the reports and checks her own records.

Sam finds the same name in her file on Nina. Sam explains that she investigated Nina for Silas years ago. Anna remembers that Leethy was associated with Crichton-Clark, where Drew was held.

Jason tells Carly that Cyrus is making a move.

Scotty and Liesl leave on a private plane to St. Lucia when turbulence hits.

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