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Perkie's Observations: Carly Frets About a Mob Takeover at Her Impending Wedding on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 31, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Nina agrees to a date with Sonny and the two share a kiss. He breaks it off because he's concerned about Peter, but Nina assures him that he's been taken care of. Sonny tells her he thought Peter knew his identity. He says Peter gave him bad vibes. Nina tells him to stop worrying about Peter and make the best of their situation.

Jason says Cyrus sent out a threat to someone and Carly figures it must be Laura since she's out of town. Carly worries that Cyrus might try targeting them at the wedding. Jason figures Cyrus must have aligned himself with one of the Five Families in order to get the power. Jason mentions Mr. Buscema meeting with him. Carly mentions Mr. Novak telling her that Joey was being sent away. Carly thinks the Novaks are going to try to make a run for their territory.

Jordan wants Shawn to let the police handle Hayden's case. Jordan still feels badly about not pushing harder on the case in the first place. Shawn wants them to work together. Jordan tells him that Naomi came in from Paris the day before she met with Finn.

Finn, Liz, Violet, Chase, and Aiden (now played by Enzo De Angelis) head out on a camping trip. Finn and Liz get cozy together around the fire.

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Anna, Sam, and Dante wonder if they received the full file from the WSB and if not, why. Anna brings up how Victor was in charge of the WSB while running Crichton-Clark. Sam wonders if the WSB took down Drew's plane.

Dante says they need to find out who the other passenger on the flight was. Sam thinks it will be someone with a connection to Drew.

Trina helps Josslyn prepare a surprise dinner for Jax. Trina mentions the sauce she got from The Tan-O all those months ago, and offers it for Josslyn's meal.

Mr. Buscema pays Cyrus a visit in jail (I was shocked they brought Jeff Kober back.)

Liesl and Scotty worry if something happened to the pilot to cause all the turbulence. Scotty pushes to put their oxygen masks on. He worries this might be the end for them and declares his love. Liesl passes out, followed by Scotty. Two men check on them and decide to get rid of Scotty.

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