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Perkie's Observations: Cyrus Plots to Topple the Corinthos Family From Behind Bars on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 1, 2021
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Cyrus Renault, General Hospital

Jeff Kober

On today's General Hospital recap: Finn and Liz almost share a moment until Scotty falls from the plane at their feet. (Very helpful of the bad guys to attach him to a parachute!!) Paramedics are called and Scotty is taken to the hospital where Jordan is called in. Finn says he believes Scotty was drugged and runs a few tests.

Jordan questions Scotty, who explains about being on the plane with Liesl and the problems they encountered. Finn says they're checking other hospitals for Liesl. Jordan checks and says there are no reports of any downed planes. Finn figures Scotty was pushed from the plane. Jordan agrees and thinks it must be someone powerful.

Buscema wants to know what's in it for him if he helps Cyrus take down the Corinthos family. Cyrus says Jason and Carly are bad for business. Cyrus complains that Jason marrying Carly puts them all in danger with the Feds.

Cyrus says they need to use the wedding to strike and hobble the Corinthos organization. He thinks it's the only time they can neutralize Jason and Carly. Buscema wonders what's really in this for Cyrus. Cyrus says he wants revenge.

Jason tells Carly that no one will threaten her or he'll take them out. Britt runs into them and awkwardly wishes them the best. Britt talks to Jason and says she's accepted things and can move on.

Jordan calls Britt, who checks in with Scotty. Scotty says he doesn't remember bailing out of the plane and has no idea what happened to Liesl.

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Sasha surprises Brando at the garage. Brando wonders if they should move in together if Gladys moves out.

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Carly shows up to tell Brando that Cyrus is targeting anyone who may have wronged him. Carly asks if Brando knows of anyone in the other families who seemed more loyal to Cyrus. Brando offers to check in on Vincent and Buscema's lackeys to see what they know.

Gladys flirts with Vincent, then continues to complain and gossip about Jason and Carly. She's still upset that she wasn't invited to the wedding. Vincent asks her join him at the wedding and Gladys accepts. Gladys heads to the garage and gloats to Carly that she'll be attending the wedding as Vincent's guest.

Jason talks to Vincent and says Cyrus is making moves behind bars. Vincent swears he's not in line with Cyrus and shakes Jason's hand.

Nina and Sonny kiss and start to go further until Nina sees the inscription on the back of Sonny's watch. Nina says there could be people out there who love and miss him, and he can't be with her until he finds out about his past.

Jax is surprised that Josslyn prepared dinner for him. She says she's concerned about him and thinks he's upset about the wedding. Jax says it has to do with parenting and he worries about her. Josslyn says she has a bodyguard and is fine with it.

The two eat the appetizer with the infamous sauce and Josslyn reacts to it. Josslyn tells Jax the sauce tastes exactly like Sonny's. She says she would swear it was Sonny's sauce if she didn't know he was dead. Josslyn says Trina picked it up from a bar in Nixon Falls and Jax possibly remembers seeing Sonny, but agrees with Josslyn it can't be possible.

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