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The Young and the Restless Recap: Adam and Sally Turn Heads and Wag Tongues (WATCH)

The Young and the Restless Recap for September 1, 2021
Adam Newman, Sally Spectra, The Young and the Restless

Mark Grossman, Courtney Hope

On today's The Young and the Restless recap: Phyllis sashays across the Grand Phoenix lobby on a mission. She encounters Jack with a chirpy greeting and asks if he got pictures from Summer and Kyle. Of course he did! Jack seems distracted and not engaged in the chitchat involving these adult children who are on their own. Phyllis isn't picking up on his cue and just keeps chattering on about the damn pictures. Jack musters up a comment about the empty house, and how he's considering getting Billy's kids over to run around and make noise.

Jack is concerned that Billy is under the same roof as Adam and hope his younger bro can steer clear of him. Jack's happy that Billy, Lily, and the kiddos are on solid ground, but . . . (we all know how that goes with Billy Boy). Red acknowledges that ChancComm's success also has to do with Adam and Victor. Jack wonders why Billy would get sucked back into all that misery. 

Side Note: Has Jack met Billy?

Elena is happy to be at the party as it's a good excuse to get dressed up. (I suppose she hasn't been to Crimson Lights or The Grand Phoenix during an ordinary weekday). Lily responds they can go on a double date, and Elena, Billy, and Nate all agree. Elena is contacted by GC Memorial and has to dart back to work to check on a post-op patient. Nate offers to go with her, but Elena hopes she can nip it in the bud and be back to the par-tay soon.

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The action shifts to Victor, who is approached by Nick. Victor asks a predictable favor . . . keep an eye on Billy Boy Abbott as he doesn't trust him. Nick claims Billy's not there to cause trouble, but Victor believes otherwise. Nick agrees to appease his father. 

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Nick departs and Nikki appears by Victor's side. She thinks Nick told Victor what's coming, but Victor isn't aware. Is it about Adam? The duo turn toward the door just in time to see Adam escort Sally to the soirée. Now Nikki's the one who's surprised. She asks Victor if she knew that Adam was bringing . . . HER! Victor didn't know, and apparently, neither did Nick nor Nikki.

Now that the duo are in the hotel, heads are turning and opinions are flying! Phyllis bows up to Jack and threatens to throw her out, but Jack holds her off. He reminds her, as the party show runner, she's got a job to focus on. 

Sally notes that everyone is staring at them, which makes Adam happy. Sally and Adam share a toast with very, very tiny drink glasses, and Billy gives them an air toast from across the lobby.

Side Note: I mean, are those shot glasses with stems? WTF!

Will Billy be able to control himself (we know Phyllis doesn't!)? Will Adam find a scheming ally in Sally? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video and sound off in the comments below!

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