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Days of Our Lives Recap: EJ and Paulina Dispense Advice to Their Children About Their Modern Love Lives

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 1, 2021
EJ DiMera, Days of Our LIves

Carson Boatman, Dan Feuerriegel

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: The lovely Chloe is getting into a comfy, cushy bed whilst the muscly Brady is toughing it out on chairs. Chloe summons him to the comfy, cushy bed. He waits for about 10 seconds and caves in. Brady uses his blanket to build a wall between them. Chloe looks less than thrilled and rolls over. Later, Chloe rolls back over and cuddles a very awake and very frustrated Brady.

Side Note: Did they really go to bed at 9:30???

Johnny reaches out to Chanel and apologizes for Allie's behavior. EJ walks in and mocks his son's attempts at reaching out. Chanel is frustrated by the revelation that Johnny and Allie are related.

Rafe opens the door to his kitchen and finds Ava sitting all alone in the dark. When he questions her intentions, she tells him she's moving out. Rafe claims she's imagining their problems, but Ava retorts it's been in her face for months. Ava explains how Steve told her she can get a wee obsessive. She was settled until she saw that hug through the door window. Rafe stops Ava and tells her he was saying goodbye to Nicole, and explains why. Ava wants to know where Rafe stands.

Brady tries to relieve himself from Chloe's grip, but she just comes right back like a boomerang. Suddenly, the lights turn on . . . guess who? Yup, it's Philip, who's not surprised at this turn of events. (Now Chloe wakes up!) Both parties in the bed deny any wrongdoing.

Paulina and Chanel gossip about the DiMera money and all that comes with it. Chanel tells her mama that EJ is not giving up any money to his son for his film, and oh, Allie is Johnny's twin. Chanel explains to her mother that Allie is the problem in the equation as she doesn't trust her brother. Paulina tries to get Chanel to understand her own feelings for Chanel and Johnny. Paulina encourages her daughter to go after whatever she wants.

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Johnny throws back at his father's ribbing by asking about his mother. EJ feels the jab and Johnny apologizes. They both admit they miss mama Sami. But wait, there's more. Johnny explains his date debacle and tells EJ that Allie is jealous, as EJ wonders about Allie's sexuality.

EJ offers Johnny some solid advice on overcoming his player reputation. All's well until EJ brings up Johnny working at DiMera, which makes Johnny question EJ's motives. EJ suggests to Johnny that Chanel may be more interested in a man with more than a pipe . . . dream. (He said pipe dream to be clear.) Johnny vows that Chanel will be with him when his film opens. EJ swats his boy like a fly by saying Chanel won't have anything to do with him and to remember that he warned him. EJ leaves Johnny to chug his lovely dark liquor all alone.

Nicole approaches Allie and asks if she's okay. Allie admits someone is bothering her. Allie spills all the tea to Nicole about Johnny the player and how jealousy is starting to rear its ugly head. Nicole tells Allie she understands what Allie is feeling and relates what happened between her, Rafe, and Ava. Allie feels badly for how she treated everyone and wonders how she can fix it. After some encouraging words, the duo bid each other a good night.

Philip threatens Brady, and Chloe gets so mad she threatens Philip back. Brady leaves and Chloe shreds Philip for not letting her control her own life. She tells him if he can't deal with it, he can walk. Philip backs off, but he says it's about Brady, not her. Philip offers to take them to New York, but Chloe puts him to the test. She tells Philip to go home and let her and Brady carry on as planned. Strapping, muscular Brady in a black tank top comes back to the room as Philip makes his exit. After Philip leaves, Chloe opts to make a bed on the floor, much to Brady's chagrin.

Side Note: As a youngin' working in a hotel, I would NEVER have kicked Brady out of the lobby for loitering . . . not looking like that!

Rafe admits that things may have gotten out of hand with Nicole, and they're really close, and maybe he may have wanted more . . . AND he admits he can see how all that upset Ava. Rafe admits he was just trying to help her and never never acted on anything he felt. They agree to try to work things out, then head you know where.

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