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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Is Snatched Away By Victor Cassadine on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 2, 2021
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Dr. Liesl Obrecht, General Hospital

Kathleen Gati

On today's General Hospital recap: Britt tells Jordan and Anna that Scotty's not injured, despite falling from the plane. She also worries about her mother. Jordan says there is no sign of Liesl anywhere and no sign of the plane crashing. Anna thinks Peter may be involved.

Wyatt (who apparently spends every single day in his full boy scout uniform) shows up at the hospital and gives the necklace he found to Britt. Britt realizes the locket belongs to Liesl. Britt asks Scotty about it and he tells her that Liesl gave him the locket. Scotty tells Britt his feelings for Liesl are real and he needs her. Britt says she needs her mother as well.

Ava checks in with Scotty and asks him about her divorce since it's been six weeks. Jordan and Anna show up and kick her out. They question Scotty again, who tells them everything that happened on the plane. Britt wonders if the plane was hijacked. Scotty remembers Liesl saying she needed to help Nina, but doesn't mention it. Britt gets the blood test results, which show chloroform in his system.

Spencer's credit is on hold thanks to Nikolas, so Esme pays for their dinner. She tells him he needs to make up with his father, as Nikolas walks up. Esme wants the Cassadine men to kiss and make up.

Nikolas continues to claim he stayed away for 3 years because of Valentin, but Spencer says his uncle hasn't been a threat for awhile. Nikolas says he can't lose Spencer since he already lost Ava. Spencer gets angry and says if Nikolas wants Ava, he can have her, but not Spencer.

Spencer storms off, but Esme tells him that Ava is out of Nikolas' life, so he needs to make up with his father or he'll be looking for a job. Spencer returns to the table and tells Nikolas he's willing to work things out.

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Jax calls Trina to ask about the jar of sauce. Trina explains about the bar in Nixon Falls and how Nina should know the details from the bartender.

Jax talks to Alexis about making wrong decisions, and how he has another decision to make and is undecided. Jax explains about blackmailing Michael and secretly recording Carly, and how it all exploded in his face. He says he's worried someone he knows is doing something wrong and has crossed the line. Alexis tells him to walk away because he can't save everyone.

Liesl wakes up in an unfamiliar room and gets angry when she finds herself locked in. Liesl is shocked to find Victor Cassadine alive and well. She demands to know what happened to Scotty. Victor says Scotty was tossed out of the plane with a parachute.
Liesl wonders what Victor wants and he says he doesn't want to lose her to another man. Liesl says she'll find a way to escape to be with Scotty.

Ava heads to the gallery where she and Trina share a special moment. Trina gets upset when Ava tells her she's leaving town. Ava says she needs to keep Avery safe. She says she's hired a manager for the gallery and will sell Charlie's. Trina cries and says she needs Ava. Trina tells Ava about Esme, but Ava tells her not to give up on Spencer. She feels Spencer needs a friend like Trina.

Trina finds Spencer and tells him Ava is leaving town. Esme brings up Lauren, which surprises Trina.

Anna gets a text from the WSB that the conference that Liesl was attending doesn't exist.

Jax shows up at the gallery to talk to Ava about Nina.

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