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Days of Our Lives Recap: A Call From Shane Donovan Sends John and Marlena to Zurich

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 2, 2021
John Black, Dr. Marlena Evans, Days of Our Lives

Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with John and Marlena reviewing the events of the past few days. John is looking forward to the Labor Day weekend. Marlena has cleared her schedule! Kissing and mewing ensues, just as Shane Donovan gives them a call. 

At the Hotel Hernandez, Jake and Gabi are basking in post-coital bliss, and discussing the events of his first day at work and their plans for world domination. Gabi picks up her tablet and sees that Jake's new job has made the front page!

Side Note: Must be a rather slow news day. 

At the DiMera mansion, Chad and Tony are discussing Jake's new job, but both of them think enjoying scones and pondering Anna's location are more important. 

Anna arrives at the Brady Pub to tell Roman they have an emergency on their hands they must address. Anna heard from Carrie and her marriage to Austin is coming apart . . . yet again. Anna wants Roman to go with her to Zurich ASAP. 

Down the road, Eli has awakened to discover Lani lounging. They have an impending appointment to meet Auntie P for breakfast, but had better not rush over because Auntie P is busy lounging at Abe's, and talking to her sister Tammy about their deception. 

Eli doesn't seem to thrilled with having to go out so early. Lani gets him in check by reminding him that Auntie P likes to go big. They must go to breakfast. They get dressed and ready to go when Eli notices how fine his wife is and wants to get all nekkid. Lani reminds him their family awaits and she's kind of hungry. 

Back at Casa de Carver, Abe overheard part of Paulina's conversation and wonders who Paulina is worried about losing. Paulina covers by saying she was talking about her hairdresser. She continues to cover by telling Abe the fancy chef she hired to prepare breakfast isn't coming. They get all kissy kissy and decide to take care of it themselves. 

During the commercial break, Abe and Paulina got dressed and started cooking up a family breakfast. Abe wants to help and Paulina gives him a "kiss the cook" apron. In the blink of an eye, the breakfast is complete and Eli, Lani, and the twins have arrived.

Hugs ensue as Lani catches a whiff of Auntie P's famous breakfast casserole. Unfortunately, Paulina has lost track of her casserole and has left it to burn. Eli wants to take a raincheck when Auntie P suggests they have breakfast over the weekend in Miami! The whole family can hop on her jet and see her place on Star Island - which is clearly fabulous! 

Lani begins to doubt the practicality of the trip when Paulina jumps in and reminds her that Julie wants quality time with the twins, and Eli and Lani need quality time. It takes about three seconds for Lani and Eli to break and agree to head to Miami!

Roman quickly figures out that Carrie did not ask for their presence and this is all about Anna and her meddling ways. Anna blows right by Roman's logic and wants them to start packing. Roman says he's not going and wants Anna to stay put as well. Anna is in no way listening to Roman's logic and prepares to head to Switzerland. 

At the Hernandez Hotel, Gabi and Jake continue to discuss taking over Titan and making the DiMeras eat crow. Before global domination, Jake would like to engage in a little bedroom domination. Nekkidness ensues.

Tony calls Anna, but gets her voicemail. Chad wishes he knew when his wife might be returning to him. He's trying to give her space, but is missing her something fierce. It doesn't help that their traditional Labor Day picnic is coming up and clearly not happening. Apparently, Jack is on his way to visit her, where he will lobby on Chad's behalf. Tony assures Chad everything will work out with Abigail and Chad leaves for work. 

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At the penthouse, John hangs up with Shane and reports that Black Patch has a new case, and he and Steve must get to Zurich as soon as possible. Marlena has ceased mewing. 

John calls Steve, who says he can't go to Zurich because he is Justin's best man. Apparently, today is the big day for Bonnie and Justin. John and Marlena speak for the audience by talking about how weird their situation is, but the power of love overcomes all. Marlena has resumed mewing. Post mewing, Marlena suggests John take her to Zurich. She can visit Carrie and Austin, and also help him with the case. It takes about 3 seconds and a little mewing for John to be convinced. They're going to Zurich!

In Horton Square, Gabi and Jake run into Chad who is more than ready to greet them with sarcasm and skepticism. Gabi hits back by asking how Abigail is doing so far away in Boston. Chad retorts by asking how Arianna Grace is doing so far away in Arizona. 

Side Note: I had almost forgotten how much chemistry Chad and Gabi have. 

Chad assures Gabi that Abigail will return soon. Gabi wonders if that's the case since he cheated on her with Gwen. She goes on to inform Chad that Arianna Grace may truly be back soon since Sonny is taking his business public and Will is busy with the newspaper.

Side Note: Sounds like Will and Sonny have been super busy in their time BEYOND SALEM. I wonder if we will ever see them again.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Anna has returned in a foul mood as she tells Tony the latest about Carrie and Austin. Tony is responding in a much more emotional way than Roman. Anna seems quite puzzled when Tony agrees with Roman. Tony thinks Anna will get there and either everything will be fine or her presence will make things worse. Anna has no time for these men who will not bow to her whims. As she leaves the room, Tony immediately breaks and says he will go with her. 

Side Note: Anna's always gonna Anna. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Eli and Lani returning to the Grant homestead discussing their upcoming trip to Miami. Lani is excited for Eli to see her hometown. Eli is excited to give Lani his undivided attention. 

Side Note: I wonder what adventures Eli, Lani, Abe, and Paulina will get into BEYOND SALEM!

At Casa de Carver, Paulina reports that Chanel can't come to Miami with them. She gets over that very quickly and reminds Abe they are leaving in ONE HOUR. Paulina also wants to show Abe where she grew up with Big Mama and Tammy. 

In Horton Square, Jake thinks Gabi was a little hard on Chad. Gabi reminds Jake why Chad, EJ, and Philip are all entitled jackasses born with silver spoons in their mouths. Jake nods in agreement and they kiss. 

Chad wandered away from Jake and Gabi, and into Brady Pub to ask Roman if he has spoken recently with Will. He wants to take a trip to Arizona to see Sonny and Will. Chad picks up the phone and calls Sonny to ask if he can come for a visit. He's going to fire up the jet and head west!

Back at the DiMera mansion, Anna is all giddy that Tony is going to Zurich with her. Tony is tickled he is back in her good graces and talks about how lucky they are to be living the life they do. Anna thinks they will be very happy they are heading out of town. 

Across town, John and Marlena exit the penthouse hugging and kissing and mewing about their Labor Day trip to Zurich!

That's the end of our day in Salem. What did you think? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!