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Deidre Hall on Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem - "It's Like Old Home Week"

Doc is headed for adventure 'Beyond Salem'.
Deidre Hall, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem

Deidre Hall

Starring in the Days of Our Lives spin-off Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem gave Deidre Hall warm and fuzzy feelings. Hall appeared on the "Dishin' Days" podcast Thursday where she discussed the highly-anticipated Peacock miniseries and what is was like reuniting with old pals like Charles Shaughnessy (Shane Donovan) and TV stepdaughter Christie Clark (Carrie Brady Reed). Hall explained:

You know what, I think because there were so many of us that have missed each other the director had to begin every direction with 'Shut up!' [Laughs] We couldn't leave each other alone. You know? 'Charles [Shaughnessy] what have you been doing?' and god, 'Christie [Clark, Carrie Days], Christie you're here. How are the girls?' It was just so delicious to be in that room for five days. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. What I think is, Ron [Carlivati Head Writer Days] is so clever, because this is really impossible to do. How do you tell a caper story for five shows that dovetails in to DAYS and you don't lose anything?

What I've said to people before, is if you've seen DAYS years and years ago and you're afraid to come back this is a free standing. You will know the players.. You'll know the relationships and you'll get a week's worth of good old stories that are self-contained. So it's good, and if you're  a DAYS fan obviously you need to be there because this is it's like old home week.

Would Hall be up for a Marlena-centric DAYS spinoff? The actress revealed it almost happened in the 1990's with the planned NBC sudser Manhattan Lives. Listen to the full interview below! 

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