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Perkie's Observations: Jax Jets Off to Nixon Falls to Dig Up Some Dirt on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 3, 2021
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Jasper Jacks, General Hospital

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On today's General Hospital recap: Sam wants to update Curtis on Drew, but he wants her to leave since he's hosting Jason's bachelor party. Jason shows up and things get awkward, but Sam offers her congratulations. Sam tells Curtis about what they found in the WSB files. Curtis remembers Crichton-Clark and says he'll reach out to someone he knows who worked there.

Joey Novak crashes the bachelor party and gets mouthy, so Spinelli punches him. The bartender calls the police and Dante shows up to toss them in the slammer.

Olivia throws Carly a bachelorette party. Willow tells Sasha about Chase knowing that she cheated. She says she and Michael are happy. Sasha complains that Brando may return to the mob. Carly overhears and promises Sasha that Brando is doing no such thing.

Olivia offers her congratulations. Carly thinks Olivia would have thought it was too soon after Sonny, but Olivia feels it's fine since she's known Jason for so long.

Sasha is shocked when Brando shows up as the male entertainment and dances for the women. Afterwards, Bobbie notices that Carly doesn't seem to be invested. Bobbie reassures Carly she's doing the right thing marrying Jason.

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Sonny tells Phyllis how Nina wants him to find out who he is before they can move forward. When Nina shows up, Phyllis wonders why they can't live in the moment. Nina tells Sonny he's been having flashbacks of another woman and needs to find out about his past. Sonny says he's in love with Nina. Nina can't say the same.

Curtis calls Phyllis asking about her time at Crichton-Clark. Phyllis has a friend who worked in the records department and offers to send Curtis the contacts.

Jax wants to pick Ava's brain about Nina's new boyfriend, but Ava's not interested in helping him. Jax insists and Ava admits she doesn't know much because Nina's been pretty evasive about the new man.

Jax has his jet ready to fly to Nixon Falls.

(Multiple times characters have mentioned the wedding is "tomorrow" so is this "night" going to on for 2 weeks and we're nowhere near September 17th.)

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