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Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Recap - Billie and Shane Lead the Search for the Alamainian Peacock’s Missing Gemstones

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Recap for September 6, 2021
Billie Reed, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem

Lisa Rinna

On today’s Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem recap: We begin our day Beyond Salem with Deidre Hall saying, “Like sands through the hour glass…” Squeal! Here we go! 

Alamainia 1991: We are at the National Museum in the Kingdom of Alamainia, where the Alamainian Peacock is being protected by all kinds of security. However, a shadowy figure has cut the security lines and is tiptoeing towards the glass case housing the peacock. They bust through the glass, setting off alarms, take the peacock, and get the hell out of dodge. 

Zurich - Present Day: Shane Donovan tells John and Marlena it was Hope acting as Princess Gina who took the priceless peacock. Shane says the peacock features six precious gemstones: citrine, amethyst, ruby, emerald, sapphire, and a rare orange diamond. It was recently recovered minus the gem stones. Lord Sebastian Alamain is putting pressure on the ISA to retrieve the stolen gems. 

Shane wants John and Marlena to go to an auction, play the role of wealthy Americans, and outbid everyone on the gemstones. As a side note, Shane asks them not to break the bank because the ISA’s budget ain’t what it used to be.

Side Note: Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

John doesn’t want Marlena at the auction if there is any danger. Shane explains the ISA located the ruby in Johannesburg, but their agent was identified and killed. However, nothing major should happen at this auction. John agrees it will be a piece of cake, but Marlena is clearly not convinced.

Side Note: Aren’t Theo, Claire, and JJ in South Africa?

Shane makes his exit and wishes them luck. John wants Marlena to see Carrie and Austin, but she is going with him tonight. They kiss and she mews. Basically, John and Marlena get all John and Marlena. 

Across town, Anna and Tony are about to pay Carrie and Austin a visit. The door opens and our beloved Carrie answers! Anna proclaims she is there to help save their marriage. Carrie tries to get Anna to hush up, but it’s too late, Austin clearly knows why they are visiting. 

Carrie assures Anna and Tony that there isn’t another woman or man . . . at least right now. Anna wants to know what’s up. Austin says they had a fight and it’s his fault. He acted like an insecure jackass. Anna is not surprised. He had a few drinks and threw up Rafe in Carrie’s face. He keeps thinking he’s over it, but nope. He wants to fix it and needs to do something big to prove it. Anna thinks they should take a fabulous trip. Tony thinks he should talk to Marlena. Austin has other ideas - a sapphire necklace. He wants to buy it for Carrie. 

Side Note: Hush up, Austin! Carrie is perfect and wonderful and amazing. 

Anna thinks the necklace is HUGE - with all those diamonds and a sapphire. This necklace is not so much Carrie - Anna would like it. He wants to get it for their anniversary so she knows how lucky he is. Anna is THRILLED! Austin would like Anna and Tony to go to the auction and bid for him. 

New Orleans: Ben and Ciara are enjoying each other’s company and look forward to visiting Oak Alley! 

Side Note: Oak Alley is the site of one of Bo and Hope’s adventures in the mid ‘80’s. 

As they contemplate going back to the hotel to have nekkid time, Ciara sees a shop that Hope told her to visit. In the window, Ciara sees an amethyst pin and quickly becomes enamored. Great Grandpa Victor once told her that there was an old Greek legend saying that amethyst was a gem that protected those who wore it. 

Ben offers to buy Ciara the amethyst - how in the world can he afford that pin on a former serial killer’s salary? The shop is closed, but they run into the owner who says the amethyst has already been spoken for . . . by PRINCESS GINA VON AMBERG. Ben and Ciara freak out at the mere mention of Princess Gina's name and wonder what the hell is going on. She’s going to call Hope and get some answers. 

Ciara and Ben are still chatting about Princess Gina when they spy someone who looks very much like Princess Gina - with a tiara. They approach and it is . . . Billie Reed?!

Ciara explains to Ben who Billie is. She really likes a tiara. Ciara wants to know what the deal is. She can’t talk about it. Wait, is she undercover? She’s an ISA agent. She’s trying to locate some missing gemstones and the amethyst is one of them. The store is a front for a criminal enterprise. Ciara who is this handsome devil? It’s Ben Weston - wait, what? You mean the serial killer? The one who strangled Will? She lets Billie know that Will is also happy in Phoenix with Sonny. 

Billie wants to stay and chat, but doesn’t want to blow her cover. She also can't wait to take off her wig. Ben and Ciara are going to continue their honeymoon.
Billie runs back and wonders if they saw anyone leave the shop because somebody went in and bought the amethyst right out from under her. Billie drags Ben off to help her find them. 

Star Island - Miami: Paulina, Lani, Abe, and Eli have arrived at Auntie P’s palatial estate. Eli is all excited that they went from a jet to a limo to an estate! Paulina wants them to enjoy everything because it’s the least she can do for her favorite niece - and looks at her longingly. Abe is surveying the grounds and wonders why she ever left. He and Paulina then get all cute with each other. 

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Side Note: Paulina and Abe really are adorable. I wonder how long their happiness will last considering the secret she is keeping.

Sexy saxophone music plays as Lani, Eli, Paulina, and Abe are looking out over the water with a wind machine - er, um, I mean breeze. Eli wonders if it’s called Star Island because of all the “stars” that live there. Paulina says Rosie (O’Donnell) used to live there, but thankfully she and her noisy jet ski have vacated. It was so noisy that she had to buy a sound machine recommended by her friend Gloria (Estefan).

Side Note: Drop those names, Paulina!

Paulina goes to give Abe a tour of the house. Lani and Eli talk about how they miss the twins, but know they are safe with Julie and Doug. They have decided to sit back and enjoy their last few days of freedom before full time work comes back into the picture. 

Paulina and Abe walk in on Eli and Lani cavorting on the sofa. They’ll finish later and want to go see the sights at Paulina’s favorite seafood place. She opens a safe and pulls out a fancy ring - it’s a one of a kind orange diamond. 

Abe wonders where Paulina got the ring. It was a gift from her friend Michelle, from the White House. It was her ring and she handed it over to her. She’s married to one of the most powerful people on the planet. They think she should put it back in the safe, but she wants to wear it on their trip. 

Phoenix: Chad’s plane has arrived and he quickly shows up at Will and Sonny’s front door. Will greets Chad and Sonny peeks out from around the corner. They all engage in giddy greetings. 

Side Note: I can’t wait to read what you all think about Zach Tinker as Sonny!

Chad learns that Arianna Grace is out and about with her friends enjoying the LAST BLAST of summer. 

Side Note: Who doesn’t love a little Last Blast reference!

Chad has missed his best buddies and wants to hang out. Will quickly says he needs to go to the office, but will be back later. Sonny looks a little perturbed and says he can stay because he is never too busy for the people he loves. 

Side Note: What has Will Horton done to upset Sonny?

Will scrambles to explain that he has a major story brewing and is at the mercy of his sources. Sonny needles Will that he sets his own hours and he could just as easily work from home like he is. Will says that Sonny owns his own company and can do whatever he wants, wherever he wants.

Side Note: When did Sonny get his own company? I’m here for it, but just curious about the details which I’m sure will follow.

Will has left and Sonny indicates there is trouble afoot in their marriage. Chad hugs him from behind and asks what’s up. Sonny thinks Will is back to his hoe-ish ways.  

Chad doesn’t think there is any chance Will is having an affair. Sonny reviews all of the haps since Will came back including, Paul, Evan Friers and Leo Stark. Will leaves early and comes home late. Chad tries to reason with him, but to no avail. Will is being sketchy by deleting his texts and call logs. Sonny doesn’t think he is telling the truth and bets he’s not even at the office. Chad stops and explains that Abby is in Boston because he accused Abigail of having an affair with Jake. He doesn’t want Sonny to repeat his mistakes. Chad suggests they check up on Will’s story and Chad calls Will’s office - he has a “big tip” for him. Of course, Will is not there.

Sonny is FURIOUS. Chad tries to reason with him, but there is no calming him down. Chad offers to talk to Will, but Sonny says it’s no use. Will is just a lying liar who lies. Sonny decides to try and break into Will’s computer. He finds an email where Will plans on meeting someone at a resort and spa. Sonny wants to go and Chad is going with him. 

We begin the ending of our day Beyond Salem at the auction in Zurich, Anna comes in all sparkly and beautiful, and Tony goes straight for the champagne. John and Marlena also walk in and they all wonder what the hell is going on. 

At the Penthouse Suite in Arizona, Chad and Sonny have a brief chat before knocking on the door. They start to leave when a strange voice answers in a robe - it’s Leo Stark! 

In the expensive restaurant in Miami, Paulina, Abe, Eli and Lani enjoy the people watching when two hooligans walk up with a gun. They want Paulina’s ring. 

That’s it! What did you think? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem recap.