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Charles Shaughnessy Talks Reprising Shane on Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem

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Charles Shaughnessy is reprising the role of ISA agent Shane Donovan on Peacock's Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem. The fan-favorite actor chatted with Soap Hub about what makes this limited series special.

Shaughnessy found it easy to slip back into his old rapport with his castmates. He dished:

We all said that this was like stepping into a time portal and we had never left. When I was running lines with Drake [Hogestyn, John Black] and Deidre [Hall, Marlena Evans], it felt like we last did it 30 seconds ago — not 30 years. [Wryly] We’re a little grayer, a little slower, and we had to stop and take our medication

The Brit noted that DAYS holds a special place in his heart, explaining:

People have said to me over the years, ‘It must have been so much fun making The Nanny’ — and it was, however the most fun job I’ve ever had has been working on DAYS. It’s like being in a repertory company. You get so close with the cast. You rely on each other and you get to know each other. I’m happy to [come back to DAYS] anytime if they make it a proper story.

DAYSBeyond Salem reminds Shaughnessy of old-school soaps. He observed:

They’re been very smart to have these five or so very distinct stories all kind of interwoven along with the same major story — the 'McGuffin,' chasing the jewels. You’ve got different characters and locations with Shane and the ISA being the part of the story that brings it all together. I think streaming is the perfect location for these types of things. I’m hoping it works and they continue to do this. I’d like to visit again and try to help solve another case!